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Dick DeVos isn’t the kind of guy to mess around when it comes to sticking up for the people who call Michigan their home. He has worked hard for most of his life to provide better educational options for his home state and to protect it from bad decisions made by those who don’t learn from the past. It was way back in 1991 that the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where DeVos was born, was considering a plan that would place a multi-purpose sports and convention center near the city’s downtown.


The plan was being put out to the public, and most people weren’t aware that similar plans had hurt Detroit during the 1970s. Thankfully, Dick DeVos had been around during that time, and he had witnessed the damage that the building of the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had created. The arena wasn’t the problem. The real problem took place when Detroit’s sports teams the Lions and Pistons left the city. Detroit had just built an expensive arena that was now going to be empty most of the time. DeVos wasn’t about to let Grand Rapids suffer the same fate.


Without hesitating, Dick DeVos began to make some phone calls, and in the process he helped to build Grand Action. This group of leaders from the city’s business sector have helped build many structures, which have served the city well. DeVos was also able to put a stop to the construction of the arena, and this has probably saved Grand Rapids a whole lot of money.


Dick DeVos has also shared his passion for aviation with the people of Grand Rapids. He created The West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, which is a public school that serves students who hope to work in the aviation industry some day. The school is located in a building on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It began with just 80 students but now helps to educate hundreds of aspiring pilots and aviation professionals. The school is so popular with students that a public lottery is held most years, which singles out lucky students who will get the chance to study there.


Dick DeVos has continued to work very hard to improve his hometown and the state of Michigan. As a billionaire, he could choose to ride off into the sunset and live a life of relaxation and ease at any time. Instead, he has never given up on fighting for the causes he believes in and the people he loves dearly. Thanks to DeVos, Southwest airlines runs non-stop flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He is also partially responsible for changing Michigan from a state where its residents had to be part of a union to work into a right to work state.


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Natural disasters can occur in the blink of an eye. You’ll never know what might happen.

When a disaster happens, many things have to be done fast. People in the communities struck by a disaster always have a wish to help. But only a few really succeed in that task. Barbara Stokes CEO of the Green Structure Homes has managed to complete that task. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Green Structure A Helping Hand Through The Tough Times

Green Structure Homes of Alabama headed by Barbara and Scott Stokes – have announced the donation of their company. This donation included many things. From the new building materials used for renewal of Habitat for Humanity in Madison County, to Green Structure’s logistics network for supply transporting.


Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes, has stated that the management of the company was extremely happy that this donation has gone into the right hands. As Stokes claimed, Green Structure Homes was more than proud to provide help and support to Habitat for Humanity.


The Action Of Green Green Structure Homes

Structure Homes of Alabama is considered as a Disaster Relief Contractor company. GSH is based in Huntsville, AL, and was founded in 2008. This company offers a full range of services from acting within the government and private sector to exploiting modern engineering, design, and manufacturing.


The special drywall that Scott and Barbara Stokes have donated in the name of their company will be used for completing the work on nine homes. The remaining materials will be stored and will wait for some future constructing projects, or they will be sold in Habitat for Humanity ReStore for the purpose of supporting other humanitarian organizations and programs considering Madison County. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Akron Ohio’s personal injury experts Kisling Nestico & Redick have made a significant name for themselves across the state of Ohio. The law firm was founded in 2005 and has built up its stellar reputation on the basis of its dedicated commitment to fighting for its clients so that they get the compensation that they deserve in their personal injury cases. As successful as Kisling Nestico & Redick is in the legal field, the firm is as noted for its community service projects that it undertakes in its communities across the state of Ohio. This work is something that the Kisling Nestico & Redick team is as proud of as its dedicated service to its clients.

One of the most notable recent acts of community service and charity that Kisling Nestico & Redick engaged in was the generous $1200 donation of food that was provided for students in need at Parma, Ohio’s Greenbriar Middle School. This donation was made during the school’s spring break. Though this is a time that students look forward to, it is also a time when many needy students end up going out with regular meals. The donation from Kisling Redick & Nestico went a long way to helping to correct this issue.

The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick continued on their vital work to help feed those in need when they participated in the Polar Bear Jump for Portage Lakes. As a part of their participation, the law office had a goal of raising significant funds for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Managing Partner Rob Nestico commented on how proud the firm was to be a part of this important community effort. This was also not the first time the Kisling Nestico & Redick has participated in the Polar Bear Jump. It is just one more way this law firm that cares has been able to help out those in need in the communities that they serve.

Luke Lazarus has made a name for himself in the world of entrepreneurship by providing valuable services in the area of startup consultation. His business is based out of the Australian city of Melbourne. Over the past couple of decades, Luke Lazarus has steadily built up a reputation for helping startups in developing their business through shrewd business plans.

He has offered deep and insightful knowledge to many of the Chief Executive Officers of the southeastern coastal region of Australia.

The insights that Luke Lazarus offers have been helpful to startups when they are looking to really grow their brand and branch out beyond the initial startup stage of operation. He also cultivates success by finding high-quality business partners that can help a growing business to reach its full potential.

Luke Lazarus studied business at the prestigious program at the Melbourne Business School. It was there that he attained his MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

By the time he was in his early thirties, Luke had already had a great amount of success and had started and successfully sold several businesses by that point in time. This experience really gave him a great deal of insight and he now works to impart that insight into the clients that he helps in the startup world.

The deep experience that Luke Lazarus picked up from his early twenties to his early thirties taught him a great deal. He learned how to identify the issues that can cause a business to fall short when it is in the startup phase.

He also learned how to course correct and put a business back on the winning path. Now Luke spends his time passing this knowledge on as a consultant to the startup sector. There are several areas that Luke puts a significant amount of focus on when he is working with his clients in the development of their businesses.

Developing a business plan is one of the most critical elements that a startup needs to succeed and Luke Lazarus excels in helping his clients with this critical factor. He also goes deep into areas such as cash flow management and predicting what a business’s profitability is going to be or should be.

Luke also works to develop plans that will help get his client’s products or services to market and hit the market with success. This is all a part of the formula that he has been using for years now to help startup businesses to achieve all that they can.

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The American Dream

It’s often spoken about but what actually is the American Dream? Long ago, it was defined as a place in life where you received a good amount of money that allowed you to own a home, support your family, and still have enough to splurge or go on a vacation. Essentially, it’s financial security. Over time, the American Dream has changed. For some, it’s simply being able to live in America. For others, it may be about traveling or having a family. At its very heart, however, the American Dream is about satisfaction. Reaching that satisfaction isn’t always the easiest mountain to climb, however. Vinod Gupta also had a mountain to climb when he wanted to achieve the American Dream. Through his experience, he’s been able to offer tips and anecdotes about how you can find your American Dream, too.

Starting Humbly

To understand Vinod Gupta’s path to success, you first have to examine his roots. Vinod Gupta was born and raised in a humble Indian village that didn’t have many of the basic needs that Americans are used to. There wasn’t any electricity, no running water, and roads were non-existent. Despite that, Vinod Gupta graduated from high school and applied to university. Eventually, he chose to transfer to the University of Nebraska.

There he would find an interest in marketing and agriculture. Gupta would later go on to start his own business and bring in an incredible amount of success. Despite all of that, however, Vinod Gupta still maintains how important it is to give back to one’s community. For Gupta, he chose to invest in education back in India. While financial success was one part of his American Dream, the bulk of it stems from his ability to give back charitably.

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JHSF Inc is a real estate development firm based in Brazil and has been operating since 1971. The company was founded by Fabio Auriemo and is now managed by his son, Zeco Auriemo. He had become a business icon in the country as he became the CEO of the company when he was young but ensured that he took all the right decisions to take the company to its another level of success. Currently, it is developing properties across the globe and is continuously expanding. One of the latest projects that Zeco Auriemo is busy with is the development of a luxury apartment in New York on Fifth Avenue.

Zeco Auriemo has also expanded the business of JHSF to many other sectors, including the construction of shopping malls and hotels. The development of Fasano Hotels and Resorts helped the company’s revenue growth as well and was the brainchild of Zeco Auriemo. He has helped many famous international brands to expand their operations in the retail market of Brazil. One such brand that he recently introduced to the Brazilian market is Rene Caovilla, which is a high-street Italian footwear brand. Zeco Auriemo believes that the Brazilian market is growing at a rapid pace and is open to new brands.

Zeco Auriemo knew what the real estate industries in other countries were doing and wanted to bring the same trend to Brazil. Many people in his companies and on the outside thought it would fail because they won’t work in Brazil. But, he proved them wrong, and he became one of the reasons why JHSF become one of the top real estate companies in Brazil. Zeco Auriemo also believes in hiring the best people for his company and conducted interviews on his own to ensure that he picked the right people who were passionate about the industry.

Sergey Petrossov is among the successful young entrepreneurs; he has lived with his family in Russia where he attended his high school and started his first business of importing and exporting several tire rims. Sergey is a hardworking, creative, innovative and self- motivated entrepreneur ready to make a legacy in the world. He is known across the globe for his success on founding the JetSmarter Company based in Fort Lauderdale. JetSmarter has established other offices in Dubai, Zurich, Moscow, London, and Riyadh. Sergey is devoted to expanding the reach of the company by ensuring that they serve the wide range of people allowing them to book private jets at relatively affordable costs and using a straight forward process that does not involve long lines and a lot of paperwork.

After graduating from the University of Florida, where Sergey Petrossov gained extensive experience in technology; he was employed at a jet company as a board advisor to promote their customer services. Working in this company motivated him to improve the jet services system and in 2009 after being sponsored by various investors like Jay-Z, Saudi royal family, and others; Sergey was able to achieve his goals.

JetSmarter is a unique company since Sergey has extensive skills and knowledge on jet services; he ensures that the jet schedules are reliable, convenient and faster. He has adopted modern technology to ensure people can receive services online where they can book a jet at their home comfort zone.

Having studied Computer Science at school, Sergey Petrossov founded an online learning system; he provided the people from Eastern Europe and other Native Countries with an opportunity to learn Russian. Sergey Petrossov has been recognized by Forbes for his contributions to the society and since he was a youth he has set an excellent example for the upcoming investors.

Jojo Hedaya has carved a successful career for himself from his company Unroll.Me. He co-founded the company with Josh Rosenwald who was his college buddy. The two had to put their studies on hold to focus on Unroll.Me and their hard work paid out in the end. is now a huge and successful company and a few years back, Slice acquired it. Jojo Hedaya remained a part of Unroll.Me after the purchase working towards bettering the company. Jojo Hedaya believes in working with the best employees in all his projects, and this is one of the reasons behind Unroll.Me’s success in the market. Jojo assembled a team of passionate and determined people that worked towards ensuring the success of the company.Jojo Hedaya is from New York but traveled to Israel to acquire a college education. He was introduced to Josh Rosenwald by their college teacher, and together they built an empire. Most startups fail in the first years of business due to various reasons, but Jojo’s company was able to stay afloat despite not being sponsored by any investors. Their success can be attributed to the smart business decisions that they made. Both Jojo and Josh had a passion for creating a new app that would transform the experience of people who used emails. It was this passion that gave them the energy to surpass any hardships that they encountered. The two were not people to waste resources and therefore took the least amount of time in releasing the first version of Unroll.Me. The version took approximately two months to be up and running, and Jojo Hedaya admits that it was not perfect. This, however, did not scare Jojo and his team as they were ready to make it better from user reviews.Even though the first version had some problems, it received a lot of media attention that enabled Unroll.Me to expand. It is from the criticism that Unroll.Me received from users that Jojo and Rosenwald worked on perfecting it. The reviews enabled them to know what their clients preferred and to work on these areas. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald ensured that Unroll.Me was easy to use, and this earned them more clients.

Jeremy Goldstein is not only a highly sought after attorney in New York City, he’s an active philanthropist. He started his career over 20 years ago and shows no signs of slowing down. It would be with hard work and dedication that Mr. Goldstein would be seen as one of the most prominent lawyers in New York City. He founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates back in 2014. He was working at another prominent law firm when he heard talk of big changes coming in the industry. This compelled him to take action and create his own destiny by opening a private law firm handling executive compensation matters in New York City.


Although Jeremy Goldstein is a celebrated attorney, he previously studied art history in college. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts at Cornell University and at the University of Chicago. This was before Mr. Goldstein decided to pursue a degree in law. His appreciation for art still lives on. The accomplished attorney is passionate about giving back to those less fortunate. In fact, he has dedicated his time to one non-profit organization close to his heart. Jeremy Goldstein has volunteers many hours to the Fountain House organization. He has been the director since 2008. He and a few friends, hosted two luxurious wine dinners for the foundation just recently. They were about to raise over $56,000 dollars for them.


One habit that makes Jeremy an excellent lawyer is that he cares a lot. He believes that the more you know them, the better you can help them. Understanding their cases thoroughly will provide his clients with a stronger foundation in which to act from. Even when his clients are not involved in a case at the very moment, Mr. Goldstein stays in contact with them, checking in periodically. This is actually a piece of advice he would give other budding lawyers. Keep in touch with your clients from time to time. It may lead to new opportunities. When looking back at his own journey to becoming a lawyer, Jeremy would give himself some advice. It would to be to look at setbacks in another way. In the long run, they ended up to be opportunities.


One of the best and recent purchases Jeremy Goldstein made recently was on an app called TurboScan. He says this tool in priceless because he can make correction or marks on PDF files. This is especially helpful with the documents he receives for cases. He has also invested in technology, which has been very wise. It all started a while back when a client highly recommended him to do so. For now, Jeremy focuses on building up his law film.


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Tim Ioannides is the center and pillar of the community when it comes to skin care. Tim Ioannides has stressed on the importance of skin care and treating skin conditions. His community can receive medical treatment at Treasure Coast Dermatology which is a company he founded to solve skin problems. The community values his work because he has managed to treat many people with skin conditions. Treasure Coast Dermatology has become such a huge success that it has multiple locations. Tim Ioannides is well versed in dermatology and has years of experience under his name. After completing his residency, Tim Ioannides first worked in the cosmetic industry as a cosmetic surgeon. His work at the time was solely focused on improving appearance. However, his passion for skin care grew, and he wanted to provide people with skin conditions better solutions that were not cosmetic. This prompted him to begin his firm.

Tim Ioannides visits all his office locations for work, and his team is very supportive when it comes to the rotations. The work synergy that Tim Ioannides has created is strong in that he can work in any location effectively. His staff members like him because he is a team player and he values his workers as well as his patients. When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Tim Ioannides does it through thorough research and interaction with patients. He treats each patient as a unique case because all patients have different needs. Patients love his work because he ensures they receive the results they want. Through analysis of each patient’s condition, Tim Ioannides comes up with new medical ideas. Tim Ioannides is a family man who spends time with his kids and wife each morning before leaving for work. Tim Ioannides also leaves a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out.

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