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The career of Sheldon Lavin has been defined by his remarkable tenure as the owner and CEO of global food processor OSI Group. They have steadily grown over the years and today they are found in 17 different countries operating over 70 facilities. They have great expertise in forging strategic partnerships with leading food service and retail brands and have developed a sterling reputation for mutually beneficial relationships.

The financial and accounting background of Sheldon Lavin was instrumental in his acquisition of OSI Group and it fulfilled his dream of owning and growing a company. He had developed a strong relationship with Otto & Sons which was the original business that turned into OSI Group. He helped them secure additional financing to expand their meat processing operations in the course of his role as a consultant. Eventually, the remaining owners retired and sold him the company outright.

One strategic partner that led to the growing success at OSI Group and Otto & Sons before them was the McDonald’s corporation. The strong success of their business model had a spillover effect to other tangential businesses and this was something that Lavin understood fully in its importance. His vision for a globally successful business can trace its roots back to this origin. The franchise corporate model helped OSI Group flourish and rise like few others and Lavin’s acumen saw the possibilities.

OSI Group is a very large privately held company and they were acknowledged by Forbes Magazine when they made their list of the top such companies. Despite their substantial size, OSI Group is suffused with an entrepreneurial spirit that is found mostly in much smaller companies. Lavin has set the tone at the company headquarters and innovation and creativity are welcomed at OSI. Everyone is encouraged to develop their careers to the fullest potential and creative thinking and problem-solving are mainstays with the company.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin as OSI Group’s CEO has been characterized by their strong emphasis on sustainable business practices. They are an industry leader in this regard and all of their operations are developed with this important principle in mind. They have received numerous awards for sustainability and their aim is to always have positive interactions with people, communities and the local environments in which they operate.

The vision of Lavin has always been to build a world-class food processing company and he has done so with OSI Group. He continues to serve as their CEO into his eighties as he loves the work and the people of OSI Group.

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Amicus Therapeutics is a rising pioneer in the Biotechnological world. Amicus experts carefully examine biological processes to create advanced technology and medicine to better the health and longevity of those suffering from rare illness.


Amicus Therapeutics specializes in rare, orphan conditions. These are conditions that are present in a select population of the world, around 200,000 people. Although these conditions are rare they present dire consequences for all those who are infected. Some of the primary conditions include Fabry disease, Pompe disease and the rare skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa. Amicus Therapeutics takes a righteous stand against these conditions, a position other Biotech companies have feared to approach.


Amicus has experienced exponential progress regarding the development of solutions for these conditions. Fabry disease is a genetic lysosomal disorder which causes an excessive accumulation of fat in the body which causes cell impairment in various areas of the body ( Amicus Therapeutics is in the late stages of development on the drug known as “Migalastat”, designed to combat the effects of Fabry disease. Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin condition is also being targeted by Amicus. Nearing completion is a topical ointment currently known as SD-101, which will be used to treat the symptoms of Epidermolysis Bullosa. SD-101 has already “received Breakthrough Therapy designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” as well as, “orphan drug designation from the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA)” (Amicusrx). Amicus Therapeutics is also developing state of the art enzyme replacement therapy products for all conditions including Pompe Disease (Facebook).


Orphan conditions are a rare sight in this world but their severe consequences drastically affect the lives of those infected. Amicus strives to be at the forefront of the battle against these conditions, bringing modern, effective technology to combat their life-threatening effects.

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Osteo Relief Institute is a company that specializes in treating those who suffer from arthritis. Many people don’t fully understand the condition, although, it is very common in the world. It’s mostly seen in people who are older, but younger people can be diagnosed with it also. It’s also most common in women, but men are diagnosed with the condition as well. There are many different types of arthritis that result in more than 50 million adults getting diagnosed with some form. It is currently known as the leading cause of disability in the world. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis that people currently suffer from. The condition is a degenerative joint disease, which means that the cartilage between the joints is deteriorating. The cartilage begins to break down and eventually starts rubbing on the bones, which can cause a lot of pain in addition to swelling and stiffness. Joints begin to lose strength over time, which presents itself as a chronic disease. There is currently no cure for arthritis, however, there are many different treatments that can help you manage your joint pain and advance your life.

There are many locations located throughout the United States. Each location focuses on patient care and patient satisfaction. The staff of highly intelligent and educated medical professionals consists of board-certified physicians and physical therapists that help those who suffer from the symptoms associated with arthritis (Contact). Osteo Relief Institute works closely with each patient to help them discover ways to alleviate their pain and allow them to be more mobile. They teach you how to incorporate certain things into your daily routine like exercise, weightlifting, and avoiding repetitive motions. They help you make wise choices when it comes to choosing activities that help build muscles around the joints, which can help strengthen the joint.


Finding a doctor in today’s healthcare world can be tough, and it can be even tougher finding a specialized doctor that you cant trust. That’s why the physicians at Osteo Relief Institute take their job very seriously and are highly committed to providing the best care for each patient.


The beer has always been part of the Canadian fabric. In the 1600s there were still breweries which were widely known for their excellent beer brands. However, microbreweries and craft beer have taken the market in the recent past. The number of microbreweries has increased rapidly from 90 in 2006 to 610 in 2015. With the large percent of microbreweries being located around the major cities of Ontario, Quebec, and B.C. However, craft beer has dominated in places that use to be buzzed by big breweries.


Open Beer Championship in 2017 wrapped up in July, has proven to extend Canada with the beer making. The event was not restricted to Americans breweries only, but it was a trade fair for all worldwide beer makers. Craft beers samples from all corners of the world were submitted to the judges from U.S, Britain, and Canada.


In the competition, the American breweries won the majority of awards with impressive victory emerging from Canada. Canadian wineries took home 24 honors with inclusive of 10 gold medals. They succeeded in various categories including Vegetable Beer, Berliner Style Weisse, and American-style Fruit Beer. It was a surprise to Americans in that, apart from Canada no other country has ever taken awards from U.S Open Beer Championship. Moreover, there was one Ontario brewery that made to the top ten breweries of 2017.


Canada was long forgotten when it comes to craft beer, thanks to innovative and creative minds of the entrepreneurs who are changing the shape of the alcohol industry. One of the influential and pioneer of the craft beer in Canada is Eli Gershkovitch. He is the founder and the managing CEO of the Steamworks Group. Eli Gershkovitch was among the top contenders in the recent Beer Championship. He has been in the forefront in making Canadian craft beer top in the world market (Facebook). Eli has been in the brewing industry since 1995.


Eli Gershkovitch was the first to establish the incorporated steam-powered brewing. It was hard for investors to set up such ventures because of legal complexities. However, Eli Gershkovitch being a lawyer he overcame the situation and even patent various brews. Eli Gershkovitch took years perfecting and tasting each brew before he could present it to the public domain. Steamworks has been able to defeat its competitor through producing quality and affordable craft beers.

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Glen Wakeman is an investor who mentors young entrepreneurs through his blog posts. He has had tremendous success in business for more than ten years. During his illustrious career which started at Doral and GE capital as CEO, the board of directors and several administrative posts .in 2015 Glen developed Launchpad holdings, a company Glen uses to offer guidance to startup companies and formulating strategies to enable their businesses to thrive. Among the many methods Glen uses to inspire future entrepreneurs, he mainly prefers blogging. His writing touches on a wide range of topics including organizational strategies, the emerging market trends, and management.


Glen has mostly grown a liking towards innovative ideas for business to change the global market. This particular interest came from working in close to 10 countries hence creating his extensive portfolio. Currently, he provides counsel on capital management, investing and global platforms of finance.


Launchpad holding offers a platform to startup companies with software’s that are developed to guide organizations through the business endeavors. Glen insists that success does not happen overnight and hence it’s essential for one to be more focused and be more dedicated. The achievements that he accumulated from huge corporations enable him to offer useful views regarding how a business should operate.


Throughout his profession he has been recognized for his strategies which are proven, the methods are used to determine the functionality of a company (Twitter). In an organization, leadership is vital in the guidance of a group, especially during restructuring. When dealing with employees, Glen developed various ways to convey the company’s objectives, this way they are more empowered and motivated to attain the company’s goals.


In companies, good ideas are always generating, but the mains of realizing this goal become a bit difficult. Glen emphasis that it’s crucial for an organization to have the right strategies to executing the goals set. When companies are changing many employees are in a state of homeostasis it thus critical to come up with the right ideas of risk management. When an organization has already laid its foundation, running of the team requires prudent governance which Glen concludes is very important.


Launchpad primary goal is to make sure solve the problems faced by startups while they are coming up of the business ladder.

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Dr. Mark Holterman is from the Yale University. He has received his MD degree from there. He is a qualified pediatrician and surgeon. He has more than two decades of experience in this field.


Currently, Dr. Mark Holterman is holding the position of being a full professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He is an active surgeon over here. This is in the pediatric surgery division. In addition, Dr. Mark Holterman is into several other activities too. This includes establishing The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, which is a non-profit organization.


The Hannah Sunshine Foundation is focusing on using cellular as well as regenerative therapies. These are used on children who are suffering from rare diseases (Facebook). This has been inspired by three young people. Sarah Hughes was one of them. She is a 23-year-old woman. Sarah has been afflicted with a disorder known as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA).


This is a serious kind of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). While the other kinds of JIA affect the joints only, in this case, the joints, as well as other organs of the body, also get affected. These would be the vital organs such as the liver, heart, as well as lungs. This is a rare condition. It tends to occur only in 10-20 percent of all those children who are suffering from some form of JIA.


This is a disease that has no known cure as yet. But this does not mean that treatment is not available. The doctors who are managing this disease are focusing on getting permanent remission. This means that they want their patients to reach a state in which there are no clinical signs or symptoms that will demonstrate that this disease is still active.


This disease brings extensive damage to the joints. Hence experts such as Dr. Mark Holterman would always suggest that there must be early and aggressive treatment. This has to be done during the active phase of this disease.


Hence Dr. Mark Holterman is looking at a lot of other things besides focusing on his core specialty. He likes to support such organizations too.

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Phantom Drain is a problem that every single owner of electronics has, but most have no idea what it even is! What it is, is your electronics continuously using electricity as long as they are plugged in. And it is driving up your electric bill! Stopping it can be as simple as using power strips to remove the feed of electricity to your devices when you are done using them, or just unplugging them. If your electricity spending is something you are really passionate about, then there are even apps you can download and other monitoring tools to help you manage your consumption, such as Smart Meter Texas and Your Weekly Energy Report (


Stream Energy is a company that has revolutionized the energy business. It is a direct selling company, which means, that customers by directly from them, instead of being tossed around and misdirected in a retail store or online environment. It provides connected life services, bundling energy, wireless, home, security, and other services into one system. This streamlines the process of not only paying for your bills, but also receiving customer service.


Over the past twelve years, it has made over $8 billion dollars in revenue, and become a global leader in the worldwide direct selling energy market. It keeps up with the on the go lifestyles of its customers, by combining all their services together, wherever they are ( The Energy Services specifically are available to their customers in Texas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, and Washington D.C.


Stream Energy is located in Dallas, Texas, and ever since the deregulation of the energy market there has been using its multi-level marketing plan, direct selling, and service bundling to serve an ever-growing amount of customers all over America. Stream Energy releases tips, like how to stop Phantom Energy Drain, on various social media platforms, helping the community take charge of their energy consumption and save money. They are available on Facebook, LinkedIn,, and others. This company will help you take control of your energy bill and make paying for other services easier along the way.


James Dondero is closely associated with charity. Being a leader, he has made a name for himself through philanthropic activities. Dondero is intensely busy in the industry of finance. He works as a lead executive in Highland Capital Management. What differentiates him from other financial consultants is perhaps his ability to multi task. Dondero has mastered the art of working with different clients who have different needs in finance and management. As a head cheer leader, he ensures that these clients are assisted. If he is not in a position to handle cases personally, he delegates duties to his staff.

Leadership by James Dondero

In leadership, Dondero has exuded confidence and charisma. He has led Highland Capital Management to success through excellent service delivery. Dondero has relevant experience in equity market shares and credit generation. With more than 30 years experience in the field, he is set to deliver beyond client’s expectations. Dondero has led Highland Capital Management to unbelievable portfolio creation. As a pioneer for developing loans and market advancing solutions, he has set admirable pace for many.

His skills and contribution

Dondero has extensive skills in retail investment, separate accounts and hedge funds management. His experience borders deep understanding and internalization. Through his leadership, Highland Capital Management has absorbed multiple clients. Jim represents early investment skills and the benefits of resilience. His mastery of these skills is a direct reflection of what Highland Capital Management believes in. For an organization he founded in 1993, Dondero is doing a great job. The company has been attracting clients internationally. From America to Argentina, this company has bailed out many clients financially. Dondero is a perfect leader who harbors unmatched skills.


Perhaps Dondero’s success is not only linked to leadership in finance only. He has been a huge part of charity IN Texas. In fact, Dondero has initiated partnerships for the sake of charity. One of his operating tags for charity reads Reasoning Mind, a motive to develop technological math curriculum made for pre-kindergarten scholars. This is a project to provide modern learning systems to kids in remote areas.

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Sujit Choudhry is helping the Ukrainian government to build a more stable democratic society. This is important for this nation that has been held under the grip of communism for many decades. The Ukrainian government is working hard to ensure that their people can have a fair chance to live under a democratic model. However, the transition into democracy is hard for a people that are not used to living this way. Refer to for added reference.

Choudhry is a leading professor of law at the University of Berkeley. He has been involved within this field of law for many years. Constitutional law is about the rights and laws that a particular nation of people uses to govern its people, borders and economy. Constitutional laws are also important with how countries deal with one another. Related article on

The nation of Ukraine is having problems with helping their president to remain in power. The presidential system is having a hard time maintaining control of the society. The electoral process is having a hard time taking root with the people. Weak political parties are also a problem. These parties do not seem to flourish inside of Ukraine. They are simply having a tough time being accepted inside of this place.

The nation needs to figure out how it is going to implement a democratic system within their borders. The Ukrainian system is truly in disarray. Choudhry was invited to sit in on a meeting back in July of 2017 that would help the Ukrainian government to figure out what it needed to improve the political climate within its nation.  For a relevant article recommended for reading, hop over to

Additional article here.

Various Ukrainian organizations such as think tanks, electoral assistance and policy centers. All of these organizations came together to help figure out what can be done about the problems within this nation. Choudhry is glad to be a part of the solution that is working to establish Ukraine within the modern age. The switch to democracy has not been an easy one and Choudhry knows that he can use his experience to help with this process.  More about the professor on

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The Freedom Debt Relief review highlights the plight of various clients who struggled with managing debt as in the case of Julie M. and Joni. Julie’s family had to endure with minimal finances after her husband was laid off. The couple had no reserves at the time, and Julie had to take on the role of breadwinner.

She ran a small business that became their sole income generator. However, earnings from the enterprise were not enough, and she resolved to use her credit card to sustain the business and personal needs. The business also registered reduced earnings by between a quarter and a third. In this regard, making payments became challenging, and she accumulated debt on her credit cards. Frustrated, stressed and scared she decided to seek a lasting solution.

After contacting Freedom Debt Relief, Julie linked up with various client services agents from the company that explained to her about the processes and walked with her on the journey to financial freedom. Julie is grateful for the level of professionalism and the quality of services availed. She credits Freedom Debt relief for saving her marriage.

Similarly, a Freedom Debt Relief review by Joni explains how amassed debts due to unforeseen financial circumstances. The total debt was more than he could manage on his own. Research led him to the Freedom Debt Relief company. He contacted the company, and like Julie, he worked with one of the freedom Debt relief agents who treated him kindly, with respect, and understanding. Currently, on the journey to clearing the debt, he views Freedom Debt Relief company as an excellent companion.

From the other Freedom Debt Relief reviews, customers highlight that the company negotiates the debt on their behalf asking for flexible payments and periods. A client is also able to monitor the progress of the debt through an online platform. The customer service agents are available for the customers to for consultations and inquiries. The company also deals directly with the creditors allowing the customers peace of mind to carry on with other duties.

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