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For the last few years, the medical profession has discovered the numerous distractive effects of the dental sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder affecting millions of citizens in the United States. There is a correlation between the sleep-related disorder and the dentistry. For this reason, they are affected and treated using dentistry and other medical professions. Diabetes, stroke, and other heart diseases have a strong correlation with the sleep disorder. For this reason, they have worked to have them affected by the closest locational section. There is a study which reveals how this condition can be reversed using dentistry as a career. For this reason, many dentists are advised to study the various ways in which they can have their practice assist the sleep apnea patients in the United States.

Avi Weisfogel, the Founder and Owner of the Dental Sleep Masters, has a wide background which covers the various sleep-related disorders which work with the different treatments he has developed. For him, this is a great achievement and advancement in this industry letting him work as one of the most experienced individuals in the world of dentistry in the United States. His practice is based in New Jersey.

He has always led the course to treat and also diagnose the disease. He has also treated the sleep apnea patients in his medical practice. According to his research, most of the people suffering from this disease remain un-diagnosed. This is one of the most timely issues affecting the sleep-related patients in the country. As a result, he has worked to have most of his patients get educated in the various ways in which the disease can be nullified in their lives. As a matter of fact, he has also worked to have most of his patients develop their reconstruction processes to make their practice safer in the eyes of many individuals.

The Dental Sleep Masers is a practice which seeks to have the healthcare professionals educated towards the detection and treatment of the sleep apnea disease. For this reason, its main aim is to have the sleep apnea disease work to aid in the solutions which are sought by this practice.


Wengie puts together a makeup tutorial for her new makeup look. She starts by filling in her brows with a pencil and cleans up her brows with a concealer and makeup brush. Next, she applies an eyeshadow base and skin-tone powder to her lids to help her makeup adhere to her lids. A transition shade is applied to the crease of her eye socket with a blending brush, and uses a windshield wiper motion to apply. Next Wengie applies a darker brown to define her crease with a small pointed brush, which she states helps to define the eye socket and crease.

She then blends with her blending brush to avoid harsh lines. Next, a highlighter color is applied to her eyelid and underneath her brow bone. Once again, blend blend blend! Wengie applies a gold color to the corner of her eyes and a dark brown color to her lower lash line. A gel liner and angled brush is used to create the wing, as she notes it is easier than using a pen. She draws her angle straight up from her lower lash line, then joins it to her upper lash line by drawing a line straight across to the middle of her top lashes. She finishes up with concealer for cleanup on the winged eyeliner, false lashes, bronzer to contour her nose, forehead, and cheeks, and an orange-y coral lip color. The look is lovely and perfect for everyday or a party night. Wengie finishes by offering words of encouragement for those of us who may have some problems executing a winged eyeliner look!


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There is a very pleasant Facebook buzz about the EOS lip balm products that are out there. This has become one of the most successful brands of lip balm because it has a ton of different flavors for people to consider. It is no surprise to see a company like this booming. Fast Company has presented a lot of information about this brand and all the people that love it.

So far celebrities have unofficially endorsed this brand. This lip balm has become one of the hottest things around, and there is no sign that EOS is slowing down. There are flavors like Blackberry Nectar that seem to get a whole lot of attention. Coconut Milk is another flavor that seems to get a lot of attention. It is important for people to know that they have a lot of different choices to consider. Vanilla Mint is one of the most popular thus far, and the number of flavors are starting to increase. This is a good competitive edge that EOS lip balm has on the market. It is like this company is ready to move in the direction of catering to customers that may desire a variety of different flavors of lip balm.

The Evolution of Smooth has been successful because this company has been doing so much to provide customers with a plethora of different options. There are people that are interested in the shimmer smooth spheres that are offered by EOS on Amazon, but this is not the only choice. Organic smooth spheres are also giving people something to think about. It is like this has become one of the most exciting forms of lip balm in a short amount of time, and it is all because there is a strong preference from celebrities that love EOS. For more info, visit:


ClassDojo has concluded yet another round of funding for its innovative app that promotes parent-teacher meetings. The company raised $21 million that will be used in incorporating more features into the app. By communicating on a daily basis throughout the entire year, the parents are acquainted of the behavior of their children and, hence, incidences that are discussed during annual parent-teacher meeting do not surprise them.

ClassDojo’s co-founders said that the funds generated during the recently closed round of venture funding would help the firm to expand its workforce and to finance development of new content and features. The goal of the two executives is to transform the way parents and teachers use the tech app. When they started ClassDojo in 2011, the founders realized that other tech firms were creating grade books, digital syllabus, and testing platforms. They discovered that the educational sector needed an app that would build an interactive community between trainers, learners, and their parents.

ClassDojo competes with other edtech firms, including FreshGrade, Kickboard, and Nearpod. However, the application has continued to register a tremendous increase in the number of users. Educators in over 85,000 private, public, and charter schools use ClassDojo to empower students and communicate with parents. Additionally, many teachers are using the app to teach students from Kindergarten all the way to 8th-grade classes. Currently, the edtech company is on a mission of distributing its app across the globe. The founders are planning earn revenue by creating premium features that parents can use after paying for them.

An Overview on ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a state-of-the-art platform that facilitates communication among educators, students, as well as parents. The app assists educators in encouraging the development of positive behavior among students. It also improves the standards of education via instantaneous teacher-to-student advice. The teachers communicate with both students and their parents through mobile devices. The app monitors behaviors like hard work, teamwork, innovativeness, persistence, and curiosity. The firm behind the edtech app is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary launched a beta version of ClassDojo in July 2011. The app garnered one million users comprised of teachers and students after a full version of the application debuted in August 2011. The co-founders offer primary features of ClassDojo at a zero cost to educators. Their mission is to help educators in all types of learning institutions to use the app to create a better learning environment.

Securus Technology has issued an article that depict the statements that GTL has said as false. They want the public to know this, because a litigation case can take many years to complete. In the mean time, they are inviting people to see their headquarters. It is located in Texas, and when they attend, they will receive a presentation that will allow them to see how important the technologies are that the company creates.


The company has a collection of public safety solutions that they have created with their technology. When people attend the presentation, they will be able to see what the latest things the company is working on, and how important they are to the public. They feel deeply about this situation, and that is why they created the article, and are also inviting people to see first hand what they do.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety field. They work with over a million prisoners on a regular basis. They utilized incident reports, investigations, videos and a lot more to ensure the safety of all people. The government works with them on a regular basis because they are involved in both the criminal and civil aspects of solutions. They see the world as a safer place, and they are constantly creating new technology on a weekly basis to ensure that it will. In the future, they will continue to be a leader in their field, and their dedicated staff will take on every mission that is given to them, and complete it to the highest of standards. They are company that is concerned with the welfare of others, and they will be able to do a lot for the country and the world.



Only seventeen point five percent of people get into Oxford University in England. Sam Tabar was among that percentage in 1997. Since then he has gone on to Law school at Columbia University and has helped people with their Hedge funds. Here is a little more information about a man who is driven to change the world.

Sam is proud of his law degree and is a member of the New York Bar Association starting soon after he got his certification in 2002. His first job was at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Floam LLP and Affliates. He was a corporate attorney for the almost six years that he worked there. From there he became the managing director of Sparx Group, where he worked in his home base of New York as well as Tokyo and Hong Kong. During this time he was able to become functional at speaking Japanese in addition to English and French.

From there he became the Head of Capital Strategy at Merill Lynch, working between Hong Kong and New York helping investors become introduced to fund managers. His most recent change was moving over to Full Cycle Energy Fund where he is the Chief Operating Officer.

In this position, Tabar is looking forward to, “to partnering with our talented senior leadership team to deliver our mission of moving away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels” (

According to PR Newswire, Sam Tabar met the creators of SheTHINX at a time when he was not thinking about investing. Sam Tabar saw the company as being something that allowed others to think about their purchases and seeing that they had already had a successful kickstart campaign, he was excited to join in helping the women create their website and build their wholesale line.

Seeing that Sam Tabar started strong and is continuing that way instead of shying away from his goals in life means that he is someone to watch out for. He will be creating a better world for everyone- no matter if it is helping women in Africa be able to get out of the house during their cycle or helping to solve the energy crisis.

The early 2000s were dominated by the cylindrical, roll-up tubes of lip balm known as Chapstick. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be too much longer before pastel-shaped orbs, portable spheres spanning every flavor of the fruit bowl, would practically go viral. These little candy-colored bulbs would be known simply as “EOS”, an acronym for the founding company’s full title, Evolution of Smooth, and they’d soon become the second best-selling lip balm in the country, only behind Burt’s Bees.

But besides the aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching packaging (not to mention the equally pleasing formula or the host of celebrity fans like Miley Cyrus And Kim Kardashian), what drove EOS to such household name status so quickly? In an exclusive interview for Fast Company, The founders recently discussed their strategy to success. Everything from innovation to marketing is spilled, including how a single idea to revolutionize the concept of lip balm came to form a $250 million company that has surpassed even the most well-established lip care entities, like Chapstick and Blistex.

The first step was to look at what the market had a need for, and what the public had voiced in wanting. A rising demand for natural and organic products –EOS’s specialty– was where the franchise first found its leverage. Currently, EOS lip balm sells about 1 million units of the signature lip product a week. These stats are projected to grow as the demand for natural and organic products also continue to grow.

After making sure what was on the inside was good, the next step? Taking to the outside. Sanjiv Mehra, one of the company’s cofounders, had previously spent his career dabbling in consumer packaged-goods firms, like PepsiCo and Unilever. He joined forces with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, and together, they brainstormed innovative ways to shake up drugstore beauty aisles. Thus, the idea of a pot-like packaging shape was born, but this one, unlike previous ventures, wouldn’t call for messy, and potentially unhygienic finger application; it would still function in a rolling tube fashion, like classic balm shapes.

Everything from the exterior’s pretty springtime palette, to the flavors and smells (think summery fruits like grapefruit and honeydew, sorbet, and blueberry acai), to the very way the orb felt in people’s hands was tailored to a T. Fast forward several years and a few flavor expansions later, and it’s clear to see that the attention paid simply to what the consumer’s wanted paid off– and consumer still want it! The company has not only seen immense success with the demand of their lip care products, but has since introduced both lotions and shaving creams to the scene. EOS plans to branch into other categories, all while sticking to their aim of spreading the smooth evolution.

Visit the EOS Facebook page and website to learn more.



Jose Borghi is a publicist who has manages advertising campaigns for Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi brings a wealth of experience to the company and serves as the CEO at the ad agency. He is considered to be one of the top advertisers in Brazil and has won numerous accolades for his commercials that includes Cannes Lions. Below is the insight of publicist and CEO Jose Borghi for Mullen Lowe on how the media revolution is changing the way we advertise.

We are living in a period of media change says Jose Borghi. Television and radio revolutionized the way people received and processed information in the past. Now the internet is changing the way information is spread and shared. The internet is rapidly growing and more and more people are being connected to it. Just as advertisers jumped aboard the radio and TV outlets to market goods, so are advertisers now jumping on the internet ship.

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O objetivo era se divertir, diz José Borghi sobre os vídeos do Instagram

Online marketing is seeing a remarkable increase all around the world. This is true even for a developing economy like Brazil, which is slowly throwing off the shackles of an economic downturn that began in 2014. Here are some numbers that Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe likes to share. Online spending for advertisements increased by 14% when compared to the same time period last year in Brazil. It hit a record high of $9.5 billion Real for 2015 and that number is expected to increase even more in 2016 and surpass $10 billion Real easily.

Mr. Jose Borghi also points out that online advertising in the United States, a technological advanced nation, had over $27 billion dollars spent on online ads for the first half of 2015 alone. That is a staggering sum and just like in Brazil that figure is expected to increase in 2016 and beyond.

Digital marketing for cellphones is something to watch states the Mullen Lowe CEO. Growth in mobile advertising is seeing an increase of almost 50% in the first half of 2015 in the United States. As more and more consumers go mobile, you can expect mobile ads to skyrocket. Jose Borghi states that businesses need to realize the potential of online marketing to increase sales and bolster profits. It should not be overlooked.

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In the Internet of Things, everything is becoming more connected. This is great for retail and customers and consumers seem to be ready for the change. Already consumers are using applications on their smart phones and smart watches that allow them to shop smarter. Shopping list apps that can be generated before going to the store, rebate apps that allow consumers to get money back by scanning a barcode, and apps that give them 20% off of products simply by scanning their discounted barcode list at the register.


Now, imagine a world where that shopping list can be ticked off as the consumer reaches in and pulls a product off the shelf and puts it into their cart. An app that will send them a real time coupon for ibuprofen as they are standing in the pain relief aisle wondering which product to buy. This more direct way of marketing will encourage shopping by helping consumers to make decisions in real time, cutting down on the amount of time they spend shopping and hopefully encouraging product purchases by sending coupons that make shopping more attractive to customers.


This can all be and will be accomplished in the near future using Gooee IoT lighting. Light sockets that are WiFi and Bluetooth connected, able to detect customers in the aisles and send their devices relevant marketing information in real time. These Gooee smart lights can be expected to appear in more modern retail spaces sometime in the near future, let’s get excited!

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If you are convinced the online reputation of your business stops at review sites like Google Business, then you need to rethink your plan because there is more to online marketing that relying on one source. Many sites offer information about businesses and the information posted either reflects success or some problems that many customers would want to keep away from.

If your business is associated with any scandals, you are for sure going to lose customers and the products you offer will lose sales with time if the problem will not be resolved. This is the reason you need to engage online reputation management and while at it do the right things.

Find mentions through monitoring tools

Getting to know how many people are talking about your business online manually is not easy and could take many days before you get a tiny bit of information. To make the process easy, there are search tools that alert you whenever mentions about your business are made online. You can specify the keywords you want to be used while searching for the mentions. Some of the tools you can use to track mentions include, Reputology and Trackur.

Avoid arguments online

The global hot-button issues make it easy for one to view something that does not match with their views and values. How you respond to issues determines the way customers will view your business and generally it is this feedback that the next customer will use to decide whether to buy or not. Always keep your conversations neutral and measured to avoid offending people or entering into issues that may water down the reputation of your brand.

Take your time; don’t rush

While the temptation to do things quickly so you can reap benefits could mount to a huge problem, it is advisable to take measured steps so you can understand the online market well before investing more time and money into marketing. Get the facts about the areas you need to work on to keep your brand on track and capitalize on the ideas that seem to work to build your business into a successful and competitive venture.

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