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For quite a prolonged period now, Catalonia and Spain have been rocking back and forth with the secession debate without any successful outcomes, resulting in significant economic and social setbacks. As a result, the issue has attracted the attention of the international community, prompting constitutional gurus led by Sujit Choudhry (click, to pen an open letter to the two factions. The letter which was published early this year, urges the leaders of both factions to settle their differences in a peaceful and democratic manner and suggests ideal solutions.


Issues covered

In the letter, Sujit Choudhry and the other constitutional scholars acknowledge that even though the issue of secession presents a constitutional crisis to Spain, Spanish leaders are making the crisis even worse, by preventing Catalonians from carrying out their constitutional right of participating in a referendum.

The scholars notably called out the Spanish prime minister, who broke the international law by initiating the arrest of those who propose secession. According to Sujit, arresting innocent citizens who are supporters of withdrawal only violates their rights and freedoms of expression.


Possible solutions

Besides calling out both sides for the mistakes they are making, the scholars also highlighted some possible solutions that could help put the issue to rest. According to Sujit and his peers, both sides should work out a constitutional settlement. The Catalonian president should take it upon himself to draft an official referendum in which he will express the desire of his people to break away from Spain.

On the other hand, Spain’s authority figure, Prime Minister Rajoy, should not interfere in any way with the process. He should allow Catalonians to express their desire by voting peacefully. The letter further adds that while most of them support it, some Catalonians are against the secession, and only a referendum will give them the chance to express this democratically.

Lastly, Sujit reminds both nations to keep in mind that any actions they take not only affect them alone, but impact the international community as well.


Who is Sujit Choudhry?

Sujit is a renowned constitutional scholar. He is the don of international law and has taken part in the constitution building process for numerous countries across the world. Currently the head of the Center for constitutional transitions which he also established, Sujit Choudhry has established himself as an able leader, and has taken part in countless peacemaking missions.

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The Federal Aviation Administration has been working with a number of transportation authorities and former airline executives as part of their new initiative. The Management Advisory Council was started by the FAA to provide input on policies and regulations that the FAA would be releasing. The new initiative comes after President Trump openly criticized the aviation industry in America for being behind other markets.


The council is a civilian board with hand-selected members from transportation authority backgrounds and former airline executives. Devos has joined the civilian board, and due to his business acumen and affiliation with airlines, his appointment to the board was praised. The CEO of Southwest said that it was a great choice.


Devos has worked with airlines before. Although many know him as the son of Rich Devos and former CEO of Amway, Dick Devos has made his own name by working on several education reform projects with his wife, the 11th US Education Secretary Betsy Devos, as well as being an entrepreneur. He owns his own private equity firm called The Windquest Group, which helps companies that want to make the world a better place. His firm helps companies like Boxed Water in that regard.


However, it’s also the commitment to his hometown of Grand Rapids. Over the 1990s, Devos was involved in a lot of city planning projects for Grand Rapids. He worked with a group called Grand Action to build up the downtown area. The goal was to bring more business travelers as well, which is why Devos began working with the local airport.


He wanted to expand the airport’s offerings, bringing in more business travelers who were already going to different conferences and meetups. With the Devos Place Convention Center fully in place, Devos saw opportunities to bring in travelers who were also headed to Vegas, St. Louis, Orlando, and Denver. He even talked to the CEO of AirTran Airways at the time to get more flights.


The flights helped change the growth for the airport. It contributed to the success, and when Southwest took over AirTran, Devos again worked his magic by convincing the CEO to expand at Grand Rapids again. This led to a $45 million renovation project that came after years of growth at the airport.


Now that Devos has been working with the FAA for over a year, he has been able to see through some of the policies that the FAA has proposed. In truth, the agency has made a lot of changes over the past year, and they just announced a $40 million new project for the GSO tower.


Devos will continue to work with the FAA through 2019. The council meets once every quarter to go over regulations, policies, updates, budgets, and future ideas for growth. Devos happens to be one of the best to also talk about education for pilots and others in the aviation business. He is the co-founder of a pilot training school in Grand Rapids with his wife, the US Education Secretary Betsy Devos.


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Since the Federal Reserve began its quantitative easing and zero-interest-rate policies, the housing market in the United States has long since recovered from its 2008 lows, reaching new highs across much of the country. But this has not been good news for everyone. It turns out that when markets don’t grow organically, there are often big winners as well as big losers.

Shervin Pishevar rails against Fed interventions

Shervin Pishevar has been one of the Fed’s most vocal critics throughout the world of tech finance. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company. And Shervin Pishevar has been involved in the creation of some of the top tech firms in the country, including Airbnb, Uber and Social Gaming Network.

Shervin Pishevar points out that the huge housing recovery has not uniformly produced winners. In fact, it has really only benefitted those who already owned property and managed not to lose it in the mortgage meltdown of 2007 and 2008. For the rest, the housing market runup has been something to dread rather than celebrate.

Throughout the country, many cities have never been more unaffordable for the median worker. In cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the median worker would have to spend nearly every waking hour at work just to afford the median home. It is not surprising, then, that cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are experiencing unprecedented homelessness epidemics.

Elsewhere throughout the country, things are not looking much better. While wages stagnate or even decline, workers are having to deal with massive inflation in housing costs. And many of these workers simply cannot keep up with these increases. For young families, this also means that many of them will not be able to do the thing that most young people would identify as being the key part of starting a family: affording a decent home.

Shervin Pishevar says that all this amounts to a perverse generational transfer of wealth, from the young and unlanded to the old and property owning. He sees a sharp reversal in the country’s future, however, as the Baby Boomers begin exiting the housing scene.

Dr. Saad Saad is a specialized and skilled personnel who has 40 years of experience in retrieving substances from foodpipes and windpipes. During his occupation, while serving as a specialist, he was able to assist over a 1000 kids remove the objects that got stuck in their body.

At common scenarios, the substances would pass through the foodpipes to the stomach without any problems and at other times, it would get stuck. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

There are popular signs one can note when a kid has swallowed an object such as difficulty in breathing, struggling in swallowing and wheezing. Big objects like hot dogs and coins are held in the foodpipe while the tiny substances such as peanuts are stuck in the windpipe.

When you notice that a kid has swallowed a substance, it is not recommended to try and get it out with your fingers. This is due to the fact that you can cause a blockage and move the item downwards leading to more problems.

The best approach to take given by Dr. Saad Saad is to place the kid upside down and hold on to their legs. Through this position, tap the kid’s back and the majority of the swallowed items will spill out.

During an emergency condition, an X-ray can be of great importance to indicate whether the substance is in the foodpipe or the windpipe. If nothing is seen in the X-ray and the kid is having signs of stuck objects, the next remedy will be to execute a bronchoscopy.

Endoscopes are visual equipment that is utilized to view inside the foodpipe and windpipe of a sick individual. They are really serving and assisting the doctors to have a perfect view of the neck, chest, and abdomen. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

On a regular schedule, a specialist would take the endoscope and utilize the vacuum to pull the liquid that is preventing the display before continuing with other tests. Furthermore, he invented a technique whereby the practitioners can take less time in operating the process and also ensures there is efficiency in the progression.

Batteries are the most important and critical objects that can get stuck in the esophagus. This is because it can drip the acid to other parts of the body, resulting to burn and serious injuries to a kid’s stomach.

The largest component that Dr. Saad Saad has ever retrieved was a toothbrush from a 14-year kid. The kid suffered from abdominal pains and the X-ray detected the object in the upper chest. There is also an instance when a girl swallowed her tooth unknowingly and it got stuck in the windpipe. The doctor was able to take away the tooth safely and handed it over to the parents.

Southridge Capital has been operating as a private equity firm since its inception in 1996. The Connecticut based investment company was founded to help offer financial solutions to both start-up and large businesses. The firm has managed to add more than 250 public corporations to its portfolio by aiding them with various financial solutions.


Southridge Capital specializes in providing two main services; Advisory consulting and financial investment strategies. Advisory consulting entails on guiding clients on the right paths to take to financial freedom and wise investment decision making and management protocol. These services include balance sheet optimization, debt-equity balancing, analyzing and predicting future financial positions and aiding clients with mergers and acquisitions. They also have experts in giving analyzed and well-researched advice on general financial queries for large businesses. As for the financing sector, Southridge Capital is well known for finding creative methods of obtaining financing and funds to run operations or for expansion needs. Clients that are looking not to dirty their credit-worthiness sheets can seek assistance form Southridge as the firm aids in acting as intermediary and pays debt on behalf of their clients or instead matches the firms with other financial institutions to help clear their names.


According to PR Newswire, behind Southridge Capital, is Stephen Hicks, who currently sits as the CEO and is also the architect of the investment firm. Hicks owes his expertise and skills from his rich educational background where he is an alumnus of King’s College and Fordham University where he gained his Bachelors in Business Administration and MBA respectively. Hicks began his career at a small hedge fund in New York and had the chance to learn a lot about the capital market as well as make meaningful interactions with clients in the industry. He was inspired to start his hedge fund firm, and Southridge Capital was born.


With over two decades in the industry, Stephen Hicks has mastered the art of listening and acting by clients’ needs. He also believes that he owes his vast experience the much success he enjoys currently with Southridge Capital standing tall in the industry. Despite everything, at the top of all good ideas, the greatest business plans make the difference according to the Southridge Capital master.





Shervin Pishevar has taken everyone by storm after highlighting that inflation no longer exists. People have been astonished by the comments of the renowned investor, and they don’t know who to believe given that a person of that caliber would come with such arguments. However, there is some sense in it, and it will only take some time after which individuals will realize what the financial analyst was trying to allude by highlighting that inflation was dead.

There is an argument that the constant increase in the prices of goods from time to time has caused inflation, or it is actually inflation. Shervin Pishevar indicates that economists have tried by all means to spell doom to the American citizens about how inflation will affect their lives, especially the purchasing power of the middle class, which forms the largest group of individuals in the United States.

However, Shervin Pishevar, notes that citizens have enjoyed continuously multiple benefits from the government to the extent that they don’t need to complain about the increasing cost of goods and services. For example, the minimum wage has been adjusted several times where all employed persons have earned a significant amount of money to navigate the inflation outcry. Moreover, the goods have remained at a fair price, which is accessible to all the individuals with slight purchasing power.

Shervin Pishevar wants to allude that inflation tendencies are there in the economy for every person to see but there has been the application of the necessary measures to reverse these trends. People expect inflation to the take the world with a storm, which doesn’t happen so often. The benefit is that the drastic rise in prices for consumer goods is highly monitored, hence does not affect the individuals.

However, this is not to mean that inflation tendencies will never be experienced in the world again. It is important to note that a small trigger in consumer behavior or a slight increase in the money supply in the economy could have devastating effects on the demand for goods and services in the economy. Shervin Pishevar notes that policymakers should always monitor the situation and ensure that inflation never manifests.

Sahm Adrangi is a renowned business entrepreneur. He is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded the company in the year 2009 with less than $1 million in capital investments. The firm has enjoyed a long streak of success and now manages more than $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi is widely recognized for his publishing research and short selling skills. He opens up on his view on stocks including overhyped and under followed longs. He says that the stocks are commonly misunderstood by many in the market.

Kerrisdale aims at eliminating the common misconceptions about some of these companies’ operations. The company shares its information on its social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sahm Adrangi’s company majors in the biotechnology industry. It has published its research on start-ups such as Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic and Unilife. It also focuses on the mining sector. The company has done its market valuations on business prospects of Northern Dynasty Minerals and other major mining firms.

Also, it has done some publications in telecommunication companies. Besides his dedication to research publications, Sahm Adrangi has been involved in major companies. He was in the management committee of Lindsay Corporation that was tasked to deploy the company’s cash and allocate its capital policies.

In the year 2014, he was part of a proxy contest team to replace Morgan Hotel Group directors.

He kicked off his career in credit finances at Deutsche Bank. His roles entailed working out leveraged loan finances and providing advice to the executive committee on bankruptcy. He later moved to Chanin Capitals where he advised on out of court restructuring matters.

Sahm Adrangi attended Yale University where he undertook a bachelor’s of Arts in Economics. He has spent many years working at Longacre Management which is a debt hedge multi-billion dollar company.

He has been invited to many forums as a guest speaker. He has attended the Value Investment Conference, the Activist Investor forum and the Sohn Conference. He has been featured in favorite shows and interviews including CNBC and Bloomberg. He has also appeared in notable publications such as The Washington Post, New York Times and the BusinessWeek.

The investment firms reputation is not favorable at all the time. Some companies have been able to go down the drain for having the worst performance in the investment industry. Madison Street Capital reputation has continued to rise to great heights and has subsequently received numerous awards because of their commitment form of leadership. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: and

The investment firm has been regarded as one of the top institutions and was even nominated as the winner of M&A Adviser awards in 2017. The award was an indication of the rising reputation, and he has made the company to shine in all its aspects.

The company is an international investing institution which was named as the winner for the debt financing deal because of a transaction the completed with the famous WLR Automotive. The company M&A Adviser announced recently that they honor the deal makers and have been doing so since 2002 which is conducted at the Gala in NY.

The competition has over 650 participants who are selected by quality and professional service delivery. Madison Street Capital has been able to compete with these companies successfully and has emerged to be the best in the industry. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase and Madison Street Capital Names New Managing Director to Oversee Origination Team | Business Insider

The company was founded by Charles Botchway who happens to have been serving in the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He recognized the significant contributions and roles played by Barry Petersen who is also the company’s managing director. They became the winner in debt financing and even the finalists for Boutique Investment Banking. The tremendous growth made them the leaders in the industry.

The company was also nominated for the Financial Deals categories. This category will recognize deals that are usually under $250 million mark. The company has an excellent reputation in the finance industry and is one of the leading deal makers across the globe. It is therefore advisable for the people looking for a customer-centric and reliable investment firm to seek out for these services.

The company, Madison Capital, has been noted to be a prestigious firm that has thoroughly been recognized for its commitment to excellent services in the areas of protocol and business procedures. The company has been able to work with businesses that are both private and public and has been able to handle corporate finance with a lot of professionalism successfully.

They have been able to exceed their customer’s expectations and have managed to prove to the world that indeed they are the best bet in the industry.

The leadership skills exhibited by the company’s founder has enabled them to move to higher levels towards identifying more markets globally. Charles Botchway is a true definition of a business mogul with the requisite business skills that allows a business to grow.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, has been a tremendous woman in the business sector. She launched Bumble which is a social network app for women.

It quickly grew since the year 2014. The Bumble app is a dating app where women are given the first hand in starting the platform. Whitney Wolfe Herd set a standard in this app for making the female culture in socializing with people from diverse backgrounds. There was also a launch of Bumble Bizz in 2017.

There has been an improvement in her app doing her professional work to have over thirty-five million users worldwide.

She was named to the Forbes “30 under 30″ list of 2018. The Bumble app has a great competition to Tinder which is also a dating app. Tinder was founded in 2012. She was one of the co-founders of Tinder but left to create her Bumble app.

Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to inspire women on how to build their workplaces and thrive in the process. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

She said that she wanted to help the women who waited for men to send them messages and ask them on a date. With her creation of Bumble app, she noticed the imbalance and empowered them in connecting love, life, and business.

This time she turned around the fact of men making a move and enabling the women to make the first move. This entails that women are the ones running the show.

She organized a team of whom were all young women. Those who were still in college, inexperienced and the budget wasn’t that much. However, in three years and even counting, the company has grown into a global billion-dollar-plus business. Employee staff grew who were able to do the job efficiently.

Whitney Wolfe motivates women that the salary they pursue should be the ones they deserve since for most men the pay is what makes them feel empowered. Higher wages for women, often make them feel guilty. She encourages that women are running businesses and business leaders should not mimic what men have always done.

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