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Recently, sportscaster Ric Bucher interviewed Wes Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, during the NBA All-Star Game weekend. Bucher started off the interview by mentioning that one of the Bucks’ other co-owners had appeared in the celebrity all-star game and asked Edens if he planned to do the same in the future. Displaying some modesty, Wes Edens said that he did not because he does not consider himself to be a celebrity.

A passion for outdoor sports

The conversation turned to hobbies, and Wes Edens mentioned that he is an avid rock climber. While his business pursuits do not leave him much spare time, when he can get away from the office he enjoys rock climbing, especially in the Grand Teton region of Wyoming. He said that when he climbs, he turns off his cell phone and cuts himself off from the outside world so that he can focus, and it generally takes him a day or two in the wilderness to unwind and decompress from his stressful job. Wes Edens grew up on a ranch in Montana surrounded by mountains, so rock climbing is a pursuit that seems natural to him. Once, he found himself in a dangerous situation when he nearly ran out rope when he was rappelling, but he was able to recover and move on.

An unusual background

Wes Edens is a successful investor, and he made his fortune in New York City. However, he didn’t come from a typical Wall Street background because his father was a psychologist, and his mother was a schoolteacher. His parents taught him to be empathetic, he said, and he believes this is a valuable trait for a successful business person because it gives perspective into how everyone involved in a potential deal is seeing the situation. When asked about why he was originally interested in buying into the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, he spoke passionately and at length. Edens explained that there is a great love of sports in Wisconsin at every level, and he wanted to tap into the enthusiasm both for personal and professional reasons.

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Mr . Sujit Choudhry is a renowned figure in the one of the most reputable institution responsible for sharing knowledge and provide support in constitution building .Constitutional transition today is very popular and he is a well-known figure on politics and constitutional law. Mr. Choudhry has toured over 30 countries to share his diverse knowledge on constitution construction, rule that govern law processes also governance for over 20 years now. He has visited countries such as South-Africa, Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan, Yemen, Libya and Sri Lanka. He has dedicated his life into working under tough conditions and also in political violence. His technical skill include advice to dialogues held by multi-party, he also leads consultations by stakeholders, he trains civil servants, interact with leaders of certain party and parliamentarians , dialogues with society groups and also responsible for writing down reports and memoranda in case one is needed.

Mr . Sujit is currently a professor of law at the California University, before that he was the dean in Berkeley law school and also initially a professor of law at the University of New York and also in the University of Toronto he served as the Scholl chair. Mr. Sujit academic life is also a story to tell he holds degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Toronto all this are law degrees in addition to the law degrees he was a Scholar at Rhodes and also served as a clerk in the Canada supreme court to the chief justice Lamer Antonio.

Mr . Sujit research addresses broadly on those factors that affect law and politics this include federalism, design of the constitution with the objective of transforming violent politics into intellectual democratic and peaceful politics , policy of the official language he also specializes on ensuring that group rights are achieved also strives in achieving proportionalities and oversees security sectors. One of his great achievement is participating in the Canadian constitution where he was the main author. Mr. Sujit has published more than ninety book chapters and articles also reports. He is known for his famous series of books.

Flavio Maluf has recently become the role model to many young professionals in Brazil and even in the world. The businessman, who is associated with one of the wealthiest political families in the country, has never depended on the success of his family to climb the ladder of success. His personal attributes have made him have a name in the society. At the moment, Flavio Malux is the chairman of the board of directors for a family company called Eucatex. The businessman is also the president of a large institution called Grandfood. Raising a company to become successful in the tough society gives people sleepless nights. Flavio Maluf has committed his career life serving customers who visit his family business, and this is why he has helped to make the company grow locally and internationally. For more information about Flavio, view his crunchbase profile.

Flavio has always been hard working. As a young man, the businessman wanted a career in engineering, and this is the course he preferred when he went into the university. The executive realized that the business world had better opportunities and this is why he abandoned his degree in mechanical engineering so that he could become a full time entrepreneur. The family business has always been given to the most focused member, and this is why Flavio Maluf was given the leadership role in the year 1997. Things took a different direction for the company since then. Having spent decades in the world of business, Flavio Malux has the best advice for anyone who is about to venture into it. In a recent interview, the Brazilian executive encourages everyone to proceed in business but with so much caution. Gone are the days when people believed that being in business was a great idea because there was more profits and less work. Modern businesses require so much work and commitment from all the stakeholders.



It is true that people are able to gain more knowledge and skill through their mentors. The mentors are the people who provide professional support based on their personal experiences in order to help an individual achieve success from school and beyond. Good quality of mentoring will greatly influence and have a huge impact on the student’s chances for success as he or she grows older. A perfect example of this would be the experiences of Sandy Chin.

According to research, students who have experienced one on one mentoring programs have a higher chance of succeeding in academics and securing suitable career positions and roles after graduating college. Having a mentor has many benefits and advantages when it comes to careers outside the university.

Achieve Success With a Mentor

Sandy Chin was able to build a good future because of her mentors. She followed all her mentors’ advice and insights since she knew that they are more professional and have already achieved success in life. Having a mentor is helpful especially to the youth for they contribute the right knowledge and experience in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced industry. The mentor of Sandy Chin lets her attend various conferences and meetings with him in order for her to experience the real world especially in finance and stock valuation. She was able to build her connections by getting to know business professionals in the world of finance. Her mentor was an expert when it comes financing, business, and management which he passed on to Sandy Chin and he also helped her choose the best stocks to invest as well as giving her enough understanding on how to survive in the industry of investments.

In addition to this, Sandy Chin emphasizes that having a mentor will help an individual to gain professional contacts as well as find unique business opportunities. These people are the ones who will help you get ahead and to be on top. Having the right people to make a brilliant business idea happen is a major key when it comes to success. As stated by Chin: “It is not what you know, but who you know.”.

The benefits of mentorship are that the selected professional mentors are the gateway to success and to meeting more senior professionals in your chosen field. Being able to make a strategic move in a career such as connecting with big colleagues and the biggest companies in the industry should be a priority.

Mentors are people who are willing to help in directing young and aspiring men and women to meeting the right people in order to build their dreams and to turn them into a reality. The importance of having a wide professional network should not be underestimated.

A highly skilled marketing and advertising consultant, Gustavo Martinez has been in the marketing and advertising industry for the last 35 years.

During his career, he has overseen the creation of iconic brands that have proceeded to become pop-culture touchstones and led some of the most important firms in the industry.

He was CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide which is one of the giant marketing firms in the world. Gustavo Martinez has also served as president of McCann Worldgroup and Olgilvy and Mather which are two of the most respected marketing firms in the industry.

He previously worked at Henkel and Price Waterhouse.

His Current Work

In his own words, Gustavo Martinez has got into a phase in his life that is more entrepreneurial. He has recently taken the direction of consulting and business acceleration.

He describes a consultant as an independent contractor providing high-end services at the strategic and operational levels. Business acceleration aims at helping both established brands, and startups apply proven principles and strategies in marketing and product development.

Gustavo Martinez works with a company by the name of UV Business Acceleration to help startups streamline things from the first day such as insight gleaned from analytics, user experience, technology design, and functionality.

With the current success rate of startups being 10%, they have a mission to raise it to 90% via through total-marketing-strategy optimization. Gustavo Martinez was recently called by an Artificial Intelligence company, Massive Data Heights, which analyzes consumer reviews transforming them into actionable marketing and business insights.

What Is His Leadership Style?

As a team leader, Gustavo Martinez tries to keep his members motivated and genuinely inspired. He achieves this by placing people in projects that are of interest to them.

He is also keen on recognizing excellent work which he believes is a great human motivator. He sees his team as made of highly talented artists and creates an environment that brings them out as such.

Gustavo Martinez is an active listener who believes everyone has something important to say and contribute. He is generous and always strives to make people know their worth.

What is the Secret Behind his Success?

In his career, Gustavo Martinez has realized that creativity is at the core of every great marketing campaign. Diversity among team members thus brings forth a wide range of ideas that result in creative solutions to problems.

For this reason, to be successful in the marketing industry, you need creative geniuses in your team.

In the companies Gustavo Martinez has worked with, they have elevated recruitment into a science, ensuring they get the top talent from every new crop of college graduates. They are willing to invest a lot to get the best in the field.

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Vijay Eswaran is a great entrepreneur who has started his journey of success from far; Eswaran strived to get the best out of life by even taking low paying jobs, but he never gave up in life.The low paying jobs made him motivated and desired to one day come up with such firms in future. He became a successful man by trying several ways to get rich and never gave up; he believed everything was possible and did everything with a purpose. Vijay Eswaran endurance made him become the chairman of one of the biggest enterprise in his country which deals with deals with networking around the world. He also does good in writing books and public speaking and mostly likes books that talk about people who give back to mankind.

Vijay Eswaran always believes in important things and takes them seriously since he believes that important things always make a greater impact compared to other things. The man is so unique in many ways in that he believes mostly in the power of diversity; he likes sharing ideas with other people on certain matters in order to get more knowledge to improve his work in network marketing. He embraced consensus in his day-to-day activities to expand his mind by acquiring new ideas from his friends. Eswaran always believes in the power of saying yes since he could try doing something impossible to bring desired solutions.

Vijay Eswaran makes judgments keenly and does not allow anything to sway his judgment. Vijay success believes in pushing till you get what you desired and it’s not always a must you be successful, you have to fall several times before being successful in life.

In conclusion success is attained by practicing basic virtues. Giving up is not a quality of people who desire to be successful in life. We should always practice consensus to get a variety of new ideas from other people in the society.

The controversial, Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration from Holland, Michigan, Betsy Devos has been a leading proponent of school choice and charter schools since her early years in Michigan where she served as Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Her husband’s family became prosperous in Michigan, and nationwide, as the founders of Amway Corporation and the Blackwater defense contractor that became famous during the Desert Storm conflict.


Devos Has No Link to Public Education


Devos has never personally been connected to public school education, she attended private religious schools as well as her children. But, she rose to become politically active in Michigan as a vocal support and advocate for private religious education, charter schools, and school choice initiatives. She has sought to direct state and national tax dollars toward funding private schools through grants and charter school choice. Her opposition view her activism as just a means to supply public monies for private schools who are already plagued with budgetary issue and monetary shortfalls. Her supports retort that Devos wants to give parents alternatives to failing schools and what to use competition to make public institutions improve.


Devos Advocate for a Privately Held Education System


Even more than advocating for charter schools, which still somewhat operate under the umbrella on state departments of education. Devos believes that privately held for-profit schools that operate under a grant or contract from the state Departments of Education are an even better idea than ordinary state and local run public schools. Due to Devos’ efforts, her state of Michigan, has the highest concentration of charter schools in the nation in the Detroit metro area. Consequently, Detroit’s schools are also rated as some of the worst in the nation.


Devos Makes Promises During Confirmation


During Devos’ Senate confirmation hearings, she assured senators that most American students would continue to be educated in the nation’s public school when fears surfaced that she would continue to push for privatization. However, after confirmation and later that year when visiting a public school in Washington, she was very critical of teachers as being too passive for waiting to “be told what to do” rather than taking initiative themselves.


Devos Indicts Public Schools as Failing Internationally


Devos has shared with insiders that she believes that Americans need to begin a discussion about public education and that even our best school do not compare well to schools in other developed countries. She stresses that she remains undecided about what school structure America should pursue. Many of her responses to questions posed during the confirmation hearings have put her up for comical derision and parody.


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In these modern times, there seems to be an ever-growing conversation revolving around mental health. It’s more socially acceptable to have an issue with mental health and because of this, there is a more obvious need for easy access to mental health care. CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, has an innovative approach to making health care more accessible and affordable for everyone. Talkspace is an app that facilitates therapy via a weekly fee. The app has grown to 1 million users in just five years, making it obvious that there is a need for more accessible health services. Connect Oren Frank on Twitter

In order to reach more people, Oren Frank has brought on Neil Leibowitz who has previously worked as a senior medial director at United Health, as well as having a background in health insurance. The objective with bringing Neil Leibowitz into the fold is to partner with corporate businesses to provide app usage to their employees. This is beneficial on both ends because of the effect that mental health has on employee productivity, and therefore, the company.

Although the Talkspace app brings in tens of millions of dollars a year, Oren Frank’s Twitter profile portrays someone who doesn’t compromise integrity for financial gain. His recent tweets include several articles that show the negative affects social media has on an individual’s mental health and the greedy agendas of pharmaceutical endeavors. Not only could he very easily be banking on the greed conjured up by the pharmaceutical industry, but instead chooses to shed light on the corruption that runs rampant through the medical industry. Just like the lack of integrity in big pharma, he could also choose to cloak the effects social media has on mental health, potentially feeding the need for affordable therapists, and causing his company to profit even more. He doesn’t, however, and is educating the public on controversial topics that only show his authenticity in his crusade to bring mental health care to all.

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Agora Financial Offers The Safest And Fastest Way To Invest Your Money

Agora Financial have solved all the problems of all the people who have been looking for some proper guidelines and to follow a track to achieve a security goal with financial stability. One can achieve growth by circulating money and for that one needs a proper guideline, a pathway which can lead him to be stable and to have a better secure financial situation. For that one needs a trustworthy organization or a company which can guide people and helps them grow in numerous ways. Agora Financial is all that you need.

The company is based on different finance experts and experienced professionals who have guided more than 1 million investors. They also publish many of their strategies and guidelines to promote the sense and ways of gaining profits in order to help the masses and to the public to gain their goals. The company doesn’t accept money from different companies for their gamut and publicity. The company is spending a huge amount of money, more than $1,000,000 annually on their traveling around the world so that they are able to provide their customers and clients with the best strategies and plans to achieve better skills to grow their business.

Agora Financial is a trustworthy company that is safe to invest your money where it can grow in no time. It provides a great introduction to the beginners to develop their skills to gain more within a period of time.

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There are many forms of abuse in the society, but the most prevalent form of abuse is domestic violence. Any individual who has been abused may experience lowered self-esteem and self-worth. For people suffering from low self-worth and self-esteem, it is good to seek medical attention. You may consult various mental health professionals among other individuals. These professionals will offer you some self-care routines that will be suitable for your emotional and physical health after being a victim of abuse. The recommendations may also be in the form of self-affirmation. Such practices will help you understand your worth, and you will also feel loved and beautiful. Many victims do not believe in self-affirmations, but studies showcase that such practices are usually effective.

Genucel is a subsidiary of Chamonix and the company often raises funds that are used to support woman and children who have been victims of domestic abuse. Genucel has been working together with other organizations such as Women Aware. They usually provide Women Aware with Genucel products and toiletries. These products are always issued in the form of “beauty bags.” Genucel is also one of the organizations that believe in effective community support.

Women Ware is situated in Middlesex, New Jersey and it is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to offering its assistance to families that have been affected by domestic violence. Women, men, and children are all victims of domestic violence. However, women and children are the ones that are most affected. As for New Jersey, cases of domestic violence are widespread. Women Aware has been offering its assistance to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse for more than a century. The organization was formed in 1981, and they have been providing shelter and recovery programs to these women and children since then. You can also get in touch with Women Aware through their hotlines in case you have any queries. Read more on

Charity walks have also been held as a way of raising funds that would be used to support women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. For instance, the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk was held to support the victims of domestic abuse. The funds raised during such events can be used to support causes such as those of Genucel and Women Aware. During a charity walk, people are also able to keep fit since walking for a long distance may also be termed as a suitable form of exercise.


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