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Softbank was founded close to forty years ago and has been expanding ever since by making the right acquisitions and other business moves. Recently, it has acquired Fortress Investment Group, which is a very successful investment management firm. The acquisition is all part of the Japanese company’s plan to grow into one of the most formidable investment firms on Earth. The company paid $3.3 billion to acquire Fortress Investment Group and plans on letting the company continue to do its business like it has been for many years. This includes the management team of Fortress, which Softbank has pledged to leave in place as it is.

Softbank was put together by Masayoshi Son in 1981 and started out by selling PC software. Eventually, the company began to publish magazines related to computers and also purchased a controlling interest in Yahoo!. Now, Softbank is a part of hundreds of internet companies and works with many different technology startups. The acquisition of Fortress demonstrates that the company might be expanding into new territory.

Fortress Investment Group was founded by its chief executive officer, Randy Nardone, as well as Wes Edens, its co-chair. This happened in 1998, and since that time, the company has grown into a firm that manages the assets of more than 1,700 clients; most of these being private investors or institutions. The company will continue to be located in NYC and will be ran independently. Before making the acquisition, the founder of Softbank visited Trump Tower after president trump was elected and made a promise to invest billions of dollars in the United States. President Trump later recognized Softbank in a speech as a great company.

Fortress Investment Group has been going through many changes recently and over the years and was the original private equity firm in the nation to be publicly traded. Wes Edens opened up recently and admitted that the team at Fortress Investment Group will not miss being a public company and is looking forward to becoming a private company. Softbank and Fortress will both benefit from the acquisition and are expected to work well together.

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Fagali is a village on the island of Upolu in the Samoa archipelago. The population of this village is 1,571, according to a 2006 census. Fagali has an international airport, which is owned and operated by Polynesian Airlines.

The airport itself has had an interesting history, it was de-commissioned in 2005 due to government and village concerns about safety and noise. Against popular demand, the airport was reopened in 2009. Airlines that operate out of this airport include: Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways.


Tourist Attractions
One might ask the question “what is there to do on this island”? Well, there are a variety activities that can be enjoyed by anyone seeking the experience of a lifetime. If you get hungry you will probably want to stop by the Deck Restaurant according to Coming stock with a pool by the bar, great food, and great service, this place is designed to never disappoint a customer. If you are into culture, Fiafia Night might be something that you want to check out. Fiafia Night is a night of live music, dancing, and fire-spinning performances; a night you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you have a passion for the ocean, snorkeling and scuba diving are some things that might interest the explorer in you. While snorkeling will give you a peek into a world that many people do not get see, it is “child’s play” compared to the scuba diving experience according to You can also book hiking tours, party at Club X, swim in the Puila Cave Pool, and even take a trip through the rain forest.

In closing, for Fagali to be such a small island, it is packed full with unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences. The scenery is amazing, food is delicious, and activities are endless. Fagali is definitely worthy of being added to your list of next places to visit.

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Paul Mampilly has been a dedicated investor for more than two decades in markets all over the globe. Not only is Paul a huge success in the investment industry, but he has taken the time to be a writer and has even dabbled in some legal firms over the course of his career. Paul’s first success as an entrepreneur was in the form of Kinetics Asset Mangement, an investment managing company that also provides financial advice. Paul started out his career as an assistant portfolio manager working on Wall Street with a foundation coming from Fordham University.

Wall Street wasn’t a bad place to work for Paul, but he didn’t get the satisfaction he wanted out of working in the financial industry. Instead of just profiting, Paul wanted to make a larger impact, which is what drove him to entrepreneurial endeavors like Kinetics Asset Management. Whether it’s Bloomberg, Fox Business, or Kiplinger’s, Paul has been showcased on various business outlets for his accomplishments and expertise. Luckily for other investors out there looking to make it big, Paul Mampilly also tries to help out the little guys, sharing his knowledge through publishes articles on a weekly basis.

Paul Mampilly has stayed devoted to his investment endeavors for the majority of his career and because of that, he has become a well-known entrepreneur that thousands of investors look to each week. Through Banyan Hill, investors not only get to see what Paul Mampily thinks about the upcoming changes in the market, but he gives his own personal strategies for success for investors to use as a guideline. Paul has spent that last two decades advising new entrepreneurs and investors on proper strategy and business practice and is an expert at proper business advertising and management structure. Paul Mampilly is an editor for Banyan Hill, so he maintains a regular presence through their website for people to locate him as well as his social media sites.

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PSI-Pay is one of the key players in the e-payments industry. The company specializes in the provision of debit and credit cards, virtual cards, as well as contactless payment solutions within its market of investment. Since its inception, the company has been working within the philosophy of empowering its partners and clients to ensure better management of payments through the e-payment platforms. The company has also been categorical in resolving the numerous issues that affect the e-payments industry, especially those that have to do with the security of e-pay solutions.




According to PSI-Pay, modern-day contactless payments as mediated by the company’s solutions do take security with the seriousness concerned. The heightened security has given customers confidence such that 25 percent of all payments made in the UK market are made using the contactless channels of payment. PSI-Pay has been working towards enforcing contactless payment security systems through various technologies.




Firstly, the company has initiated and enforced data encryption techniques mediated and regulated by the microchip technology to prevent any illegal payments. To ensure further security, the technology uses both the encryption technology and the PIN code concept to ensure that customers can enjoy cashless payments without a potential risk of getting hacked into.




Also, PSI-Pay has also initiated and enforced proper regulations regarding the number of payments that one can make per unit time. For instance, a customer can only make contactless payments worth a limited amount of $25 in the US and £30 in the UK. Amounts surpassing this value usually require additional verification. Such a system protects customers from illegal payments by adding an extra layer of security checks.




Lastly, PSI-Pay’s secure payment systems are negotiated and enforced by the Near-Field-Communication technology. This technology addresses the issue of accidental payments when the customer’s card comes near the card reader. Necessarily, the card must be not more than an inch to the card reader for a payment to be made. PSI-Pay has therefore mastered and revolutionized the e-payment sector quite well.


NewsWatch TV are one of the oldest independent news series’ around today, and with that distinction, NewsWatch possesses the ability and skill to make their production quality far superior to the rest. This commitment to high quality has resulted in the series winning a multitude of varying awards, including the Silver Telly in 2016, as well as being nominated for a second, and the National Videographer Award. In addition, NewsWatch took home the Marcom Award in 2017 in both Gold and Platinum. Since their first episode in the spring of 1990, NewsWatch TV have developed segments for a variety of businesses and companies, as well as have reported the news on a variety of topics including foreign interests, medical technology, education, and much more. NewsWatch have developed and produced segments for various Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, boosting both profits and interest. For twenty eight years NewsWatch TV have provided businesses with the same professional production skill that they will yours!

With pricing for segments dependent upon how far you wish to extend their reach, NewsWatch TV has an option for any size company. With a client roster including D-LINK, Audi, and Sony, it’s easy to see that NewsWatch TV have a professional and top tier attitude about all of their segments. This commitment to production perfection, and incredibly vast reach, can assist you in propelling your business past your goals. Take Avanca for example, a small tech start up looking to meet a $10,000 Indiegogo goal. After their NewsWatch TV segment, not only did Avanca achieve the goal, they raised $50,000 to dedicate toward their business and launching their product. Working alongside NewsWatch TV to develop a segment centered around your brand and business, has the potential to do the same for you.


You may wonder, do philanthropically oriented entrepreneur still exit? Have no doubts, meet Ara Chackerian. Mr. Ara is the managing partner of the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. He is also the co-founder and a board member of TMS Health Solutions; a treatment company that offers transcranial magnetic stimulation for those suffering from resistant depression disorders. Ara has made a name for himself not only as an entrepreneur but also a widely acknowledged and respected philanthropist.




Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco, CA and his interests in healthcare have been a success and he has gone on to try a hand in philanthropy causes. He attributes the success of his company to his vision for providing a treatment model that works best for both patients and physicians. Through this dream, it will be easy to achieve the desired treatment results in a strategy that focused on “patient first” and in both terms of treatment and experience. You can visit





Ara attests that his life experiences have been the driving force to his investments in the healthcare sector. Mr. Chackerian says that he is in love with digital healthcare, and fancies every new innovation gracing the healthcare sector. Ara Chackerian feels that digital and telemedicine healthcare innovations are motivating factors capable of improving the healthcare sector for good.




Over the years, Ara has been convincing investors to engage in sober thinking and creativity when choosing a business partner and opt for individuals who bring strong ideas and innovation to the business world. Before getting involved with TMS Health Solutions, Mr. Ara was involved in many investment and entrepreneurship undertakings. He has spent more than two decades in the health-tech and services field and has built healthcare firms such as PiplelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links among others. For more details visit






Despite being a motivator in the business world, Ara Chackerian has been committed to environmental causes. One notable undertaking is his investment in Limonap, SA- a maintainable reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua. He has also been a part of many youth development non-profit organizations such as CREA Nicaragua, Nor Luyce and JUMA Ventures. So, if you are looking for best diagnostic imaging services, trust Ara and his companies. His reputation is incomparable not only within his surroundings but also at a global platform.


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Upon his arrival at Fortress Equity in 2002, Peter Briger found himself at the heart of one of the fastest growing private equity companies in the world. Always seen as a trailblazer, Briger and Fortress were among the most impressive private equity experts in the U.S. who led the first public offering by a privately-held equity company. By 2017, Fortress had been led by its Principal, Peter Briger to such a high-level of success that the Japanese banking giant, Softbank bought the company for $3.3 billion.

Upon starting his career, Peter Briger made his name as a trader at Goldman Sachs where he spent 15 years before making his way to Fortress where he became the principal for many of the companies impressive hedge funds. In recent years, Briger has spent the majority of his time overseeing the inner workings of the hugely successful Hybrid Hedge Fund which adds to the more than $70 billion in assets under management for Fortress. The Principals head a global workforce of more than 1,100 employees working from 15 global offices allowing the company access to every market on the planet.

From his hometown in New York, Peter Briger has created one of the most successful business careers in the financial markets based on the impressive education completed by the Fortress Principal. Beginning his education at Princeton with a Bachelor’s degree, Briger moved on to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business Management to complete his Master’s in Business.

Among the many different roles undertaken by Briger at Fortress is his position as the co-Chief Investment Officer for the group which sees him oversee the strategy to provide high-profit margins for investors. Away from Fortress, Peter Briger has become a popular philanthropist supporting the Tipping Point group dedicated to improving academic opportunities for children across the U.S. The entrepreneurial efforts of Briger include his work with the Princeton University Investment Company which aims to allow students to achieve their personal dreams of entrepreneurial success. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

There is an abundance of fashion schools to choose from in today’s modern society, but all aren’t created equal. Some of the school are very good while others are very poor. One of the top fashion schools in the nation is the Academy of Art University. This San Francisco-based institute has improved on its services throughout the years, and it is now making huge waves in the fashion industry. The Academy of Art University has produced a lot of well-rounded talent that specializes in fashion design. Many of these students have displayed their stuff at New York Fashion Week. If you know anything about fashion, then you’d understand just how important this event truly is.

The designers that come to participate in New York Fashion Week are indigenous to other regions of the world. This includes China, Brazil, Japan, India and Nigeria. Skylight Clarkson Square is one of the major centers for the event’s fashion shows. Academy of Art University was represented by 10 of its MFA and BFA graduates. These professionals provided five women’s wear lines, two men’s wear lines and two collaborations. Each fashion line had its own personal style. The amount of painstaking hours that went into producing these collections is astounding to some degree, which consisted of classes, workshops and internships. This spectacular event was also displayed via livestream. Academy of Art University definitely showed up as well as showed out in front of an eclectic mix of people.

In addition to its barrage of glamorous fashion attire at the 2017 New York Fashion Week, this school has produced talent that has gone on to successful careers in the entertainment industry. Some of the school’s alumni has worked on and has received awards for blockbuster films such as “Sully,” “Get Out,” “The Revenant” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.”


One of the buzzwords of today’s era is diversity. When people say that word, often times, the images that come to mind is that of different cultures and lifestyles. However, there is one area that the diversity can apply to. This area is fashion. One of the reasons that diversity is such an important concept of fashion is that people are better able to express themselves with their outfits when there are diverse selections. Another reason for diversity in fashion is that different cultures have different types of fashion for both men and women. Therefore, designers have a lot to look at when trying to get inspiration.

Fortunately, people who want to learn about fashion diversity can look to Academy of Art University. There are a lot of classes that teach about a different aspect of fashion. There are the historical and cultural aspects of fashion that are available depending on the classes that are being taught. People who are passionate about fashion get to learn something that is going to make their educational experience something that is enlightening. They get to learn about the mindset of an influential designer. This will help them reach the next level of their creativity when it comes to their designs.

One good thing that the Academy of Art University is helping to bring is a future of diverse fashion. People are going to be able to choose from a wide range of different styles. They also get to feel the different types of fabrics in order to find the ones that make them feel the best. Students of Academy of Art Fashion get to bring about some of the well designed outfits that are quite enviable. One of the best things about fashion is that an artistic approach is very likely to attract the attention and curiosity of others.


Richard Dwayne Blair would like you and everyone else to understand that financial planning does not have to be anywhere near as hard as some would like to make it out to be. He knows that people in power would like for the rest of us to think that planning our financial future is incredibly complex and difficult, but the opposite can actually be true. Richard Dwayne Blair made it as simple as three steps.

Know What You Want Beforehand

It is kind of necessary to know what you want out of financial planning before you get to the point where you are speaking with a financial planner. You should bring your ideas to them so that they can review them with you and figure out what to do next. The bottom line here is that you definitely need to have ideas to bring to the table in the first place. A financial planner can do a lot for you, but they cannot set your goals.

Select Investments That Match Those Goals

There is a big difference between capital preservation and capital appreciation says Richard Dwayne Blair. He knows that some people more or less just want to keep the money that they have now with just a small amount of growth attached to it. At the same time, he also understands that there are plenty of people out there who wish to grow their money more aggressively. This is why step two is to pick investments that match up with your plan from step one. If you do this, then you will have taken some concrete actions towards making your dream become a reality.

Watch How Your Plan Works

Your final objective in all of this is to watch how your money grows over time. That is to say that you should see how the plan you put into place actually works. It is amazing how well this helps motivate people. It is the final step and one that you must take. Getting into a place where you are able to take this step is huge.

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