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Digital migration has seen the development and expansion on the telecommunication around the world. Many communication companies have been established and have improved privacy of communication among people. As such, United States of America has witnessed influx of communication providing companies that have been in the recent years. The companies are competing to provide the most secure type of communication that will attract the general public. Securus Technologies has been one of the notable communication companies that has invested a lot of resources in ensuring the justices and criminal system have access to private and secure network. Due to the increase in demand, they have expanded their services and are offering public communication to private individuals that are cautious of their privacy. Due to the tremendous steps it has made in advancing the communication channel, the company was given accreditation by Better Business Bureau. They received a high rating of A+ making them the most secure communication channel to use in Texas and other parts of the country. The company has invested a lot in the improvement of its system towards making them reach international standards.

Securus Technologies has robust technical team that has worked very hard towards ensuring they succeed in the communication field. They have invested in different fields that have allowed them to reach these greater heights. The company has built trust among its users by maintain a positive track record and maintain contact with the customers. The company is transparent in all its operations; this has been a good indicator especially for clients who want to find their location and operational policies. Securus Technologies honors promise it makes to the clients without defaulting on any. This has led to increased customer base and client numbers. These are some of the reasons that the company performed well to receive the accreditation certificate.


Betsy DeVos has been in the public service for decades and is widely known as a passionate education advocate. A resident of Michigan State, she has strongly advocated for education reforms and made significant contributions towards the cause.

She is one of the few wealthy citizens to use her wealth to fund education reforms. She fostered chartered schools to the benefit of more than half of public school students in Detroit Michigan.

The Betsy DeVos family runs a foundation ( that supports organizations and programs that focus on education, justice, community, arts and leadership. The group focuses on accelerating transformation, cultivating leadership, and leveraging aid in education, administration, justice, and community.

Betsy is widely known for her strong belief that parents should have a choice of which schools to send their children. Whether charter, traditional, public or private schools. As per her proposal which many educationists the federal government should have vouchers to facilitate families to meet the costs.

Betsy DeVos is an American businessperson and a strong Christian woman. She is a member of foundation for excellence in education.

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She is a political science and business administration degree holder from Calvin College. Currently, she is one of the wealthiest people in Michigan and has used her wealth to a good cause of helping the underprivileged in the community.

Politically, Betsy has been actively involved in causes she believed. Most of the contributions go towards addressing the needs of the less fortunate in the community. These range from contributions to candidates running for various offices as long as they have the same agenda that are passionate about her.

Her identity as a wealthy woman with a heart of giving has earned her a stellar reputation. These together with her massive efforts in transforming the education sector to foster equality for parents and their children have won her the nomination. Check her website at

It is the expectation of many that she will serve the public well. Also, she will be able to finish the great work started in Michigan and ensured that all students get equal treatment irrespective of financial background. One of her strongest advocates is availing funding for students non-public schools.

It is the dream of most women to have long and healthy hair. However, to realize this dream, it is vital to know how to take proper care of your hair. You should use quality products to maintain the softness and texture of hair as well as prevent its breakage. Correct usage of shampoos and conditioners can give your hair a healthy and beautiful look.

Guidelines for proper use of Shampoo

Even with a good shampoo, it is important that you know how to clean your hair properly. The first step is to first rinse the hair with plenty of water, preferably hot water. If your hair is long, it is better to condition it first. Conditioning prevents the split ends from breakage. Lather the scalp with soap and gently rub it with medium pressure. It is important to wash the scalp because the hair present there is young and oily. Additionally, when the scalp is cleaned, there is stimulation of blood flow, which speeds up the growth of the hair. Add more shampoo to the hair and then rinse it out. The other step is to squeeze out excess water with a towel and gently apply the hair conditioner. Massage the scalp for a few minutes then rinse out the conditioner with cold water.

WEN By Chaz Conditioner

Wen hairis a conditioning product that is used to clean and moisturize hair. The conditioner is known to make the hair shine while retaining its natural oils. Additionally, WEN serves to maintain the hair’s texture and prevents it from becoming kinky. The key ingredients that make up WEN Conditioner include Chamomilla Recutita, Wild Cherry, Panthenol, and Leaf Extract. A bottle of 16-ounce of WEN Conditioner costs about $29. It comes in six variants cucumber, sweet almond mint, lavender, fig, tree tea, and pomegranate. Wen hair care products are widely available online ( as well as in many select retail stores which includes Sephora, all across the world.

WEN’s ratings

Since its inception into the market, WEN has become very popular among women. It has been rated five stars on regarding its effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction. Most of the users of this WEN Conditioner claims it protects hair from breakage.

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In October 2016 YouTube Star Kim Dao visited the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan so that she could show her viewers her favorite spots around there. The first place she visits is the always busy Shibuya Station, in particular the Shibuya crosswalk just outside of the Hachiko exit as well as the Hachiko Statue which is a dog. She stayed in that area for a little while filming the large crowds before moving on.

Kim Dao loves to shop so she lets us see some of her favorite stores in Shibuya. The first on her list in It’s Demo which is a women’s fashion accessories shop. She also enjoys shopping at Forever 21, Zora, and Bershka. For sushi she recommends Genki Sushi Co., Ltd. because of how much fun it is and how inexpensive it is. Another shop she says you need to go to in Japan is Daiso which is a dollar store.

Doing karaoke is one of Kim Dao’s favorite things to do in Japan. She also says she loves are the game centers which feature games you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Kim Dao also loves the makeup selection in drugstores in Japan as the selection is amazing and of high quality.

Kim Dao also shows us inside of a convenience store, which is incredibly different from how they are in other countries. The food selection is amazing and offers an array of noodle dishes, snacks, and other foods.

Kim Dao really enjoyed showing us around Shibuya and all of her favorite places to visit.

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In 2012, the BMG Bank was looking for a partner. However, all the offers they got were proposing to buy the banks operational activities hence having full control of the bank. They were on the verge of accepting one of these offers when Roberto Setubal, the CEO of Itau Unibaco called Marcio Alaor, the vice president and executive of BMG Bank.



Compelling Offer



Roberto presented Marcio with a compelling offer that surpassed all the others. Itau’s offer was sweetened by the fact that they would also fund BMG. The partnership agreement was to be ready in three months, and within this period, Itau offered to avail R $ 300 million, and after the association signing was complete, they would avail $3.5 billion over a period of 5 years of the partnership.



BMG was to use its resources to become a buy 30%shareholder of the new venture. This percentage amounted to $300 million, while Itau funded $700 million. This was a fair deal considering BMG would continue having full control of their normal operations. The new joint venture, Itau BMG Consignados, was born with an equity capital of $1 billion, which had 11 times leverage.



Services of the Itau BMG Consignados



The new joint venture was built on a foundation of great experience and especially in the payroll deductible loans. The venture was started with the aim of offering payroll deductible loans to employees in the private sector.



BMG oversee the overall payroll concession at a discount while still operating its regular operations. Itau BMG started giving loans at an interest of 105% while BMG did the same at 130%. According to Marcio, this was a good deal an opportunity for the latter to grow.



Benefits of the Joint Venture to BMG Bank



Marcio commenting the benefit BMG would realize from the joint venture association said they had a plan of making at least $1 billion monthly. This amount was to add to the bank’s initial total capital of $29 billion. The partnership agreement of the new venture was very concise not to act as a completion for the BMG bank.



In addition to adapting to the new partnership, BMG Bank planned to invest in other assets way before the partnership between them and Itau happened. Their overall cost of funding dropped incredibly even before the partnership was signed. This drop was a good deal for the clients who started applying for the CBD.



Prior the partnership, BMG Bank had experienced difficulties from the cash crisis happening which lead to stagnancy in growth. However, with the partnership venture inception, BMG started to realize positive changes in their portfolio of receivables growing incredibly. Despite this good news, Marcio was not leaving anything to chance and all along was conscious of the crisis happening in the bank industry.




Sam Boraie, one of the Vice Presidents of Boraie Development, LLC, announced that the real estate developer plans to build an apartment complex in Atlantic City. Traditionally, Boraie Development concentrated on the New Brunswick real estate market but has since shown interest in other markets like Newark and Atlantic City.

According to the article from, the Development firm plans to invest $81 million in the project. The apartments will be built on a lot famously known as Pauline’s Prairie that has been empty for a long time. At $81 million, it will be one of the most costly projects undertaken in the city. The apartments will have granite counter-tops, a community pool, and hardwood floors. Boraie Development plans to attract millennials once the project is finished. That is why they plan to make the property unique.

Sam estimates that the project will take at least 18 months to be completed. According to Wall Street journal, Atlantic City officials remain hopeful that the Boraie project will spur investment interest in other developers because this will revitalize the economy of the area. Additionally, officials are also glad that the Pauline Prairie lot will finally be put to good use.

Atlantic City’s economy recently suffered a big hit after reducing its control over gambling. However, it is still a popular tourist attraction. Boraie Development is hoping to take advantage of the city’s shifting commercial interest to help it reposition itself as an economic hub in the region. The company also plans to set affordable prices ranging from $800 to $1,200 per month. According to Sam, the prices will remain competitive to retain an interest in the apartments.

Despite the present skepticism over the ability of the apartments to attract millennial in the area,, Sam remains confident that the project will be successful. Boraie Development will be instrumental is helping Atlantic City during its transitional period.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is one of three V.Ps at Boraie Development, LLC. The real estate development company was started by his father Omar Boraie four decades ago after migrating to the United States. Sam has grown around his father’s business. Together with his brother and sister, Sam helps his father run the family business. He has a keen interest in strategy development and implementation.

Sam is a philanthropist who is involved with different initiatives. He sits on Elijah’s Promise’s board, a nonprofit organization that fights hunger and poverty in New Jersey. He has also donated money in support of the State Theater.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the CEO of Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor located in New Jersey, has a deep-rooted background in management of sleep complication. He formed Old Bridge Dental Care, a leading dental facility that offered dental care services to residents of New Jersey. He oversaw the operation of the facility for over 15 years, pocketing awards from the community such as the title Best Dentist for multiple years.

Exploring the world of Sleep Medicine

While practicing as a dentist, Dr. Avi became interested in the world of sleep and started researching on tactics dentists, and physicians could use to help individuals with sleep disorders. In 2010, he instituted Healthy Heart Sleep, a prominent firm that joined forces with physicians worldwide and directed them on the procedure of establishing and managing sleep labs.

The launch of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient

Dr. Avi created Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient back in 2012. Through this company, he lectured dentists on strategies they could employ to serve not only more sleep patients but also to improve the quality of services they offer. His breakthrough in the sleep medicine arena came in 2014 after unveiling the Dental Sleep masters. This company focused on the use of oral appliance to manage sleep complications.

As the owner and manager of Dental Seep Masters, the renowned Dr. Avi has strong background knowledge of sleep apnea. He leverages this information to assist dentists in identifying potential patients. He also helps patients to acquire the best treatment. Dr. Avi is a proud graduate of Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry. He pursued Bachelors of Arts and majored in the disciplines of psychology and biology. He also holds a degree in dentistry and a board certification.


Dr. Avi participates in numerous charitable activities. He managed a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Operational Smile. The organization had set a target of $2,000. The funds generated through the campaign were used to finance the programs of Operation Smile. The organization offers medical assistance to needy children who have facial deformities, cleft lips, and cleft palate. Dr. Avi’s mission is to make sure all children are confident that they will have a better future.



Are you an investor making every effort to make money in the stock market? Trying to find a very good opportunity to accumulate a fortune in business or invest in a lucrative opportunity? Probably you are aware that Jim Hunt and VTA Publications have expert resources and training materials that help ambitious individuals attain their goals.

Jim Hunt is a leading creator of top notch courses, training and books on starting a business, making money and achieving financial freedom. His information materials are available from VTA Publications and people across the globe are raving about the tips, secrets and loopholes he reveals.

There are many ways to find out about stock trading strategies on that work, and it is important to choose a proven course to help you. The best means to begin is to think about how how in-depth you would certainly like your training to be. Your feedback to this inquiry possibly most depends on whether you would love to come to become an investor full-time or simply as an individual passion or leisure activity.

Do not get inhibited if you make a negative trade as you are still learning. Every person makes negative trades from time to time. Rather than being dismayed or dissuaded, seize the day to gain from your blunder. Take the time to find out why it was negative trade. Research on VTA Publications on how you can learn to find a comparable bad trade in the future. Then utilize it as a discovering experience.

Find a training course or trading program at that demonstrates how to trade stocks effectively. For people who are particularly determined to make it in this industry, there are a several excellent resources that will help you to trade successfully. Acting as your own broker may be a great idea and will enable you to save money.

It is always a great idea to check out courses and books created by an expert like Jim Hunt. This trusted professional has a vast range of information products, which are available through VTA Publications – a leading source of wealth-building and success courses and books.

For the last few years, the medical profession has discovered the numerous distractive effects of the dental sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder affecting millions of citizens in the United States. There is a correlation between the sleep-related disorder and the dentistry. For this reason, they are affected and treated using dentistry and other medical professions. Diabetes, stroke, and other heart diseases have a strong correlation with the sleep disorder. For this reason, they have worked to have them affected by the closest locational section. There is a study which reveals how this condition can be reversed using dentistry as a career. For this reason, many dentists are advised to study the various ways in which they can have their practice assist the sleep apnea patients in the United States.

Avi Weisfogel, the Founder and Owner of the Dental Sleep Masters, has a wide background which covers the various sleep-related disorders which work with the different treatments he has developed. For him, this is a great achievement and advancement in this industry letting him work as one of the most experienced individuals in the world of dentistry in the United States. His practice is based in New Jersey.

He has always led the course to treat and also diagnose the disease. He has also treated the sleep apnea patients in his medical practice. According to his research, most of the people suffering from this disease remain un-diagnosed. This is one of the most timely issues affecting the sleep-related patients in the country. As a result, he has worked to have most of his patients get educated in the various ways in which the disease can be nullified in their lives. As a matter of fact, he has also worked to have most of his patients develop their reconstruction processes to make their practice safer in the eyes of many individuals.

The Dental Sleep Masers is a practice which seeks to have the healthcare professionals educated towards the detection and treatment of the sleep apnea disease. For this reason, its main aim is to have the sleep apnea disease work to aid in the solutions which are sought by this practice.


Wengie puts together a makeup tutorial for her new makeup look. She starts by filling in her brows with a pencil and cleans up her brows with a concealer and makeup brush. Next, she applies an eyeshadow base and skin-tone powder to her lids to help her makeup adhere to her lids. A transition shade is applied to the crease of her eye socket with a blending brush, and uses a windshield wiper motion to apply. Next Wengie applies a darker brown to define her crease with a small pointed brush, which she states helps to define the eye socket and crease.

She then blends with her blending brush to avoid harsh lines. Next, a highlighter color is applied to her eyelid and underneath her brow bone. Once again, blend blend blend! Wengie applies a gold color to the corner of her eyes and a dark brown color to her lower lash line. A gel liner and angled brush is used to create the wing, as she notes it is easier than using a pen. She draws her angle straight up from her lower lash line, then joins it to her upper lash line by drawing a line straight across to the middle of her top lashes. She finishes up with concealer for cleanup on the winged eyeliner, false lashes, bronzer to contour her nose, forehead, and cheeks, and an orange-y coral lip color. The look is lovely and perfect for everyday or a party night. Wengie finishes by offering words of encouragement for those of us who may have some problems executing a winged eyeliner look!


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