OrganoGold Sells Great Herbal Beverages And Personal Care Products

OrganoGold is a great company that sells a wide variety of herbal products. Behind this great company is Bernardo Chua, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company. On his blog Bernardo talks about how he grew up in the Philippines and always knew he wanted to be a businessman. He has won awards for having such a successful company. This includes the National Consumers Quality Award which he was given in 2014. He also received the Dangal Bayan Award.

Bernardo Chua wanted to provide his customers with a herb that he knew about because of his Chinese heritage, something that he’d also talked about on Twitter. This herb is called Ganoderma and is a mushroom. He was the first person to put this herb on the market and sell it outside of China.

OrganoGold makes several types of beverages. These beverages have ancient herbs in them that are suppose to have medicinal qualities. Bernardo wanted to make sure more people knew about these herbs which is one reason he marketed them.

This company makes many different kinds of products. These include black coffee, cafe latte, cafe mocha, cafe supreme, hot chocolate, green tea, black ice, and red tea. Customers get a high quality product with a lot of product in each box. A lot of the coffees and teas come with thirty different sachets in each box.

This company has a line of personal care products. They have a soap that has Ganoderma in the product. This soap comes with three bars. They also have toothpaste. This toothpaste has Ganoderma inside the product. Individuals can get this in one big tube or a box of ten small tubes.

OrganoGold also has a great line of health products. Individuals can buy capsules of Ganoderma Lucidum. This vitamin has a ton of antioxidants. They also sell a vitamin that helps strengthen people’s immune systems. This is called Garnoderma Lucidum Mycelium. This vitamin also has antioxidants. OrganoGold sells grape seed oil that is filled with fatty acids and antioxidants.

OrganoGold allows people to sell their products and take a 50% commission, which is a big part of what motivated them to expand into Turkey. They are a direct sales company. Sellers of OrganoGold products get many different incentives such as being able to get a car. They also have incentive trips to places like Walt Disney World.


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    OrganoGold is a great company. It provides it’s customers with healthy products filled with amazing herbal properties. Individuals looking for a more healthy lifestyle should check out the excellent products they sell. Which means that review do have a lot to offer to these ones.

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