The Future of Dog Food

Freshpet Inc. creates pet food so fresh and full of quality ingredients that people can eat it. Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, this company makes the industry’s only refrigerated pet food. This company is just one in the $23.7 billion pet-food market that is winning new clients every day. Their product is something they believe is the next level of pet food, and the direction owners are going to start choosing when it’s meal time for their furry friends. Freshpet is entering into it’s own area of the field with refrigerated meals. They company sells all their products in their own refrigerated display cases with their brand and logo on it. The food is available in almost 15,000 stores including some of the biggest national chain grocery stores. While the price is a bit steep, people are interested and sales are growing. In just the last year the company has seen a 37% hike in sales. The quality ingredients are pricy and Wall Street is skeptical about the companies future. While they are sure to post a fifth straight year of losses, the company has stated that they feel positive about 2016 and turning a profit. The industry has a history of companies that add lamb and salmon into dry food or offer organic or grain free food, but this new product is offering fierce competition. Other competitors offer food to aid in weight loss, or offers nutrition that is personalized to the animal, one company sells farm to table entrees. The current movement is something similar to eating like your owner, some foods are actually incredibly safe for humans to consume. While new companies continue to pop up and add their own trends to the market, big companies are beginning to fight back. Recently on Facebook reports, Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care who produced certified organic dry and wet dog foods. Purina is also owner of Beneful which is a name associated with quality pet food. The line has something for every dog and ensures it’s customers that the food is top notch nutritionally. Beneful creates food with the help of scientist and nutritionists in order to create food that meets high quality standards when it comes to pet care. The wet food is quite similar the Freshpet in that you can actually identify the diced vegetables present in each package. Information obtained from its original source at

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    The players in this innovative market are constantly looking for what the next big trend will be, and what will provide something healthy and tasty for pets. The company makes both wet and dry food. If the superior essay team did not support the project, they could have easily backed out.

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