Brad Reifler: The Unique Serial Entrepreneur

With more than 30 year experience in the field of forex markets and investments, Brad Reifler has become one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs. Reifler’s growth has been gradual over the years as he spent most of the early days establishing himself to the top. Recently, Brad Reifler founded the state of art Forefront Capital, LLC.

Wikipedia shows that Brad Reifler commenced his career in the 1980s immediately after his graduation from the Bowdoin College. Mr. Reifler started by founding his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. The company focused on the management of discretionary accounts before shifting to institutional research, information dissemination, and global derivative advisory and execution services. Under Brad Reifler, the Reifler Trading Corporation flourished resulting the acquisition of the enterprise by the Refco Inc. in the year 2000.

As Brad Reifler was elevating the Reifler Trading Corporation to new heights, Reifler was also establishing himself as a professional in financial services. In 1995, Mr. Reifler founded the Pali Capital with an intention of firmly focusing in the equity markets. Mr. Reifler brought a new approach in the field as he expanded in the hedge fund business. Reifler employed a combined strategy of extensive research, credit analysis, and secondary structures. The approach bore fruits as he guided the firm in an excess of $1 billion in commission income as well as expanding the company in four continents and employing over 300 people.

Currently, Crunchbase shows that Mr. Reifler acts as the CEO of the Forefront Capital, LLC since 2009. He aims at offering highly differentiated products in the market. The subsidiaries under the Forefront umbrella such as Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners enable Reifler to attract registered investment advisers, investment bankers and business leaders to the firm.

The profound experience of the Forefront community in the Wall Street attracts many influential business leaders to its podium. The cultivated culture of collaboration at Forefront enables everyone to use their strengths in empowering the company to greater heights.

The Forefront Capital play a significant role in the introduction of the Forefront Income Trust in 2014. Brad Reifler’s success was due to his work with the accredited investors over the years. Accredited investors include the people who either make over $250,000 per year for the past two years or people with over $1 million net worth excluding their home. The establishment of the firm aimed at emulating Reifler’s success to the non-accredited investors commonly known as the 99 percent. Forefront Income Trust focuses on fielding finance opportunities as the gap between the upper class and lower class widens.

Brad Reifler ability to provide a unique portfolio in the market today accounts for his success in the field as well as making him stand out among other entrepreneurs.  His investment tips set the industry standard, and he remains an extremely popular figure.

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