Evolution Of Men’s Fashion and How Men’s Style Is Improving

According to a recent article in Business Insider, men are taking a more careful approach to their appearance; being more conscience of how their clothes fit and taking greater care in choosing the accessories they wear. Men’s fashion has become cleaner, neater, and well put together.

The metro sexual era is being replaced. It’s now the era of the well-dressed man. Men are not afraid to showcase a wardrobe full of nice clothes, and are confident on the streets wearing them. It is obvious that men are now investing in personal style.

This was not always the case; it’s well known that men generally don’t like the task of shopping.
The internet has changed the playing field, and has brought with it a whole new outlook in the way men shop. Statistics are showing strong growth in e-commerce when it comes to men’s fashion. It’s quick, efficient, and hassle free. A man can find what he needs in the comfort of his home, have it shipped to him, and if the article of clothing doesn’t fit, have it shipped back.

With the explosive growth in menswear, stores are expanding their inventory to accommodate men’s fashion desires. Sales are being offered in an attempt to capture the interest in purchasing additional products for their wardrobe. With the steady incline of growth in purchasing power, men are being given plenty of incentives to purchase.

Menswear retailer, Paul Evans, known for its luxury brand of men’s italian shoes, offers high quality Italian made shoes at a discounted price; providing anything from a casual sneaker to a beautiful dress shoe, all made from the highest quality calf-skin leather. Men receive a beautiful product, and because Paul Evans cuts out the middle man, and sells directly to their customer, the price stays at an affordable price for the quality that is being produced.

Paul Evans founders, Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript, noticed how few brands there were of luxury men’s shoes. Their aim was to change that, to offer men a quality shoe without a thousand dollar mark-up. They understood a man’s need for fine craftsmanship, durability, and beautiful style.

  1. Stephen Lett

    Italy and fashion are synonymous so it makes perfect sense that Paul Evans produces its luxury shoes in a factory in Naples. While the shoes are truly Italian made, the design work is done in New York, America’s fashion epicenter. It’s simpley the coolest way for them to be the best essay service company in the country.

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