Investing In Brazil With Igor Cornelsen

According to Igor Cornelsen, Investment in the stock market is a long-term game and those wishing a quick buck are better elsewhere. You should invest with a lifetime mind-set and seek to diversify your portfolio. According to Igor, it is far much better to have a well-spread portfolio that gives huge returns cumulatively since it means, in the long run, it will cushion you against market swings.

Igor Cornelsen is happy that the Brazilian stock market is, at least, getting some attention. According to him, the failure of the economic policies adopted by the government should encourage others to invest in the country.

The Brazilian government took highly counter-productive measures that saw the country lose a lot of money as investors fled. The BOVESPA tanked 45%, and the REAL lost its value. The economy is currently in a crisis with a recession that is expected to increase in time.

Mr. Igor Cornelsen says this depressed climate is the best place to invest. It provides a stock market so down that it can only get better. Igor says that Brazilian companies are highly under-priced. He cites the example a company with a market capitalization half its asset value. It is an anomaly found in poor countries.

Igor Cornelsen has prepared a list of reasons he thinks Brazil offers the best promise for the future. The country has enormous natural resources with a vast population. It means the country has enough resources and internal market to drive its growth. It also has a rising middle class with western consumerism tendencies.

Igor Cornelsen lives in South Florida where he runs a consultancy. He advises his clients on how to invest. Most of his clients are high net worth individuals and Hedge funds. Igor is a respected banker with a CV that precedes his reputation. He has become a household name in the investment banking world and seems set to continue this trend.

For those seeking to invest in Brazil, Igor advises them first to connect with the natives. Brazil has a high entrepreneurship culture hence many people know the local market. In Brazil relationships and networks are what make or break a business.

It has restrictive labour requirements with high taxes and a large bureaucracy. It is a market that is still growing hence there is a need to protect it.It pays off to get around these obstacles as the fruits can be very sweet. Igor advises you to try and use the local currency as foreign exchange is highly restricted.

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    These reasons coupled with the need for infrastructure means Brazil on is poised to take advantage of the current market reality to surge ahead. Igor also advises one to be prepared for red tapes. It is also very disgusting that au edusson discount code should have everything work out.

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