Russia Bans George Soros and Other Issues

Russia has been on a rampage lately. Not only did it act aggressively against Ukraine, but it also banned George Soros’s Open Society Foundation for some unknown reason that was not really elaborated on. Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided that George Soros and his foundation for charity was a security risk. For one thing, Vladimir and his government were facing sanctions because of their actions towards Russia which has cost them a lot of money and has brought down their oil production. This is just one issue among other issue. One major issue that needs to be addressed is the EU crisis.

The EU is on the verge of complete collapse. The EU crisis is actually the result of a mishandling of other crises. For instance, the way the Greece crisis was handled by Germany has caused everything to actually get worse. George Soros has compared Angela Merkel’s way of handling Greece to kicking a ball up the hill. However, George Soros still believes in Merkel and even agrees with the way she is handling the migration crisis to an extent. There is one glaring issue with the migration crisis. There needs to be laws put in place in order to make sure that the migrants are processed into the one of the new country in a way that can be handled by Europe.

George Soros has stated on that Germany has become the hegemony of the EU. In other words, the way the crisis pans out depends completely on Germany. There is a lot that needs to be done with the Ukraine situation so that the Ukraine could be able to bring out a new way of doing things which is based more on equality as opposed to the more oppressive creditor/debtor type of relationship.

Putin is definitely fighting against this new Ukraine because the old Ukraine is ran in a way that allows the people in power to exploit their position and take advantage of those that are under them. Also, even though the Ukraine is not part of the EU, it is standing up for the EU against Russia which is posing a threat both politically and militarily.

George Soros himself is watching the crisis unfold before his eyes. He is disappointed in what has transpired between his charity foundation and Russia. However, there is still hope that they can work out something so that Russia can be satisfied enough to not attempt any further acts of aggression against the Ukraine. One thing that is suggested is to put in some more sanctions against Russia and give them incentive to be on good behavior. This would give Russia something to work for since the sanctions that have been put on it had slowed down their production of oil.



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