Eucatex Success Credited To Power Leadership

When a company has good leadership they will often succeed. If that same company has exemplary leadership who are dedicated to seeing the company grow and thrive, chances are they will enjoy huge success. If that same company is led by a man who is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and mechanical engineer- well, let’s just say it is certainly not going to fail.

Flavio Maluf, the CEO of Eucatex, is the man at the helm leading the company to growth and profits. Born into a family with a politician father, the Maluf family has long been considered the owners of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf takes that birthright very seriously. Working diligently since 1987, first in trade, then in industry, Mr. Maluf has climbed the corporate ladder to finally land a position with the frame executives of Eucatex. Proving his success by accomplishments, Mr. Maluf was voted by family to take the leadership as president of Eucatex.

Idio Carli, the hospital and maternity clinic, can vouch for Maluf’s charitable actions, listed in detail in his bio. They are the benefactors of his gifts of money and time. He also helps out with charitable events and volunteer programs.

As Mr. Maluf is a leader in his community, Eucatex is a leader in the industry. They started out making tiles out of eucalyptus, a brand new idea in the industry of ceiling and acoustic tiles. Today, the company has expanded into the areas of furniture and construction. Like Mr. Maluf, Eucatex gives back to the community. Since the beginning they have worked to constantly reforest the eucalyptus plants. They also have programs for school children to learn how to properly take care of their natural resources. The Environmental Education Program teaches groups of students and community members about the importance of conservation and reforestation. Eucatex even helped to purchase paint and supplies to refurbish a community school in need.

People of the community and the business industry love that a company cares. They support Eucatex and in response Eucatex supports them. The relationship is a win/win for all involved. With Mr. Maluf at the helm, Eucatex is looking to a long and profitable future.  Follow Flavio on Twitter to keep up on his career.

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