What Would You Feed Your Dog if You Could?

If you’re like most pet owners, you would feed your dog lamb and duck if you felt you could afford it. In fact, when you go out to eat, you likely bring home some table scraps for your beloved pooch.

At the restaurant, you probably could’ve eaten all of your meat, but you intentionally left some on the bone; along with some delicious lean pieces that you knew he would love.

Indeed, most pet owners realize that their dogs would be healthier if they were able to feed them a more balanced diet. Though most generic dog food seems to feature meat as its only ingredient, most pet owners have intrinsically known for a long time that not only is standard dog food not comprised of meat only, but it typically:

-A lot of soy,

-Some sort of low-quality starch filler derived from corn, and

-Far more fat and meat byproduct than lean meat,

However, it’s easy to think all dog food is created equally. However, it’s not. There are dog food brands on the market that are:

-Made with lean meat with very little fat and no meat byproduct,

-That use real carbohydrate ingredients like sweet potatoes, pasta, brown rice, barley and wild rice, and

-That contain nutrient-filled veggies like spinach, carrots, peas, high-quality corn, tomatoes and so much more.

In addition, you can expect to find the types of luxurious meats, (like liver, duck and salmon), you would love to feed your dog if you thought you could afford it.  There are many brands on the market like Beneful, Blue Buffalo and Petfresh that feature fresh, healthy ingredients in every meal and snack recipe. However, Beneful by Purina weighs in as the most affordable brand with recipes within every pet owners budget. In addition, Beneful features all the healthy ingredients you would want to feed your pet.

In a recent article, Craig Giammona of the Bloomberg News reviewed the many ways the dog food industry is changing.

One of the most popular modern trends is for pet owners to feed their pets like their owners and to also choose healthy foods like Beneful instead of generic dog foods with questionable ingredients.

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