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To the investor that cannot afford a broker, Igor Cornelsen may be the next best thing. He is actually a retired banker, but she has a lot of knowledge that investors cannot afford to overlook. This is an investment banker that knows the value of spreading out your funds between investments and dappling in international investing. He has helped me discover that there are a lot of companies in Brazil that are worth checking out. I didn’t know about all the things that were available in Brazil, but Cornelsen has educated me with simple advice that is effective.

Most people will not find all of the research and tips from Igor Cornelsen in one place. It is like he has these hidden gems all over the Internet. You have to check a post here and there, and this is when you eventually find what you are looking for. It is a lot of fun for me to discover a blog or news article that has some new information from Igor that I didn’t know about.

Newsvine Investors that are on a budget need this type of information. They can benefit from these tips because it doesn’t take a lot of money to do what Igor is talking about. I have found myself longing for a better way to invest, and Igor presented me with something valuable. He has told me how to diversify.

It was all of his time that was spent in Brazil that allowed Cornelsen to become this expert on companies in this area. He knows that the food industry is big there.  Igor Cornelsen also told investors on about the raw materials industry, and I have even invested in stocks that have this.

I really do like what Igor Cornelsen represents. This is the investor for the common man. I don’t have the money for a broker. I need someone like Igor because he has been able to give some great advice. He is retired from banking, but now he has an investment firm. I am surprised that he is giving away so much free advice, but I am not complaining. I am so glad that he is giving this advice away because I don’t have money for a broker.

Investors that are trying to build a successful retirement fund should know that are a lot of options. That is all that Cornelsen is trying to do. He is letting people know that there are more options available. I appreciate this because he can help people that may have thought that it was too late to build a retirement fund. Cornelsen presents options that make retirement a reality for all that want to start saving.

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