Sam Tabar: Lessons from the Business World

When a person succeeds in business, they often share their knowledge with others. Real-world experience, coupled with an outstanding educational background, have made Sam Tabar one of the most sought-after financial professionals in the world. Always eager to help those who are beginning their business careers, Sam has shared many of the lessons he has learned over the past two decades. Whether he is speaking to law students about career options or giving advice to Wall Street executives regarding global marketing strategies, Sam always finds himself being hailed as one of the business world’s greatest success stories.

Realizing that few people have had the same educational opportunities as himself, Sam always strives to emphasize the importance education played in his rising to the top of his profession. Taking full advantage of his time at Oxford University, Sam graduated with Honors from the university. Afterwards, he decided to pursue even more education by enrolling at Columbia Law School, where he again excelled academically. In addition to being an excellent legal scholar, Sam also found himself to be one of the most respected journalists on campus by being named the Associate Editor of the Business Law Review. Always making sure the publication was filled with informative and interesting articles, Sam dedicated himself to putting forth the best publication possible.

As his legal and financial career has advanced over the years, Sam has used many of the lessons he learned in college to achieve high levels of success. Having had the chance to interact with people from numerous cultures while in school, Sam has used that skill to his advantage on numerous occasions. Though many of his business dealings have been in the United States, Sam has also gained extensive experience with clients in Hong Kong and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region. Implementing global marketing strategies that have been cutting-edge in many ways, Sam has nevertheless strived to be the best and stay ahead of the competition.

Going forward in his career, Sam Tabar expects to always seek new challenges as both a legal and finance professional. Considered one of the best young lawyers of his generation, he expects at some point to return to practicing law. However, with his finance career going better than ever, Sam knows he still has much to accomplish. As one goal after another is met, Sam will share even more lessons on Vimeo that he’s learned from a superlative business career.

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