George Soros’ Experience Makes Him Predict Global Market Situations

Since 1979, George Soros has been one of the most active Forbes billionaire philanthropists. His helping hand has reached out and hundreds if not thousands of people. Soros began by helping black South Africans attain a university level education before going on to help the Roma people of Europe and refugees from war-torn countries.


Having been born during a terrible time himself, he helps people who are also in a situation like he was in when he was born. Soros was born in Hungary when World War II was still raging. He managed to flee to England where he studied economics before moving to the United States in 1956.


Soros is an experienced individual when it comes to economics and finance. Most government agencies, investors, and political leaders rely on his advice to decide on important financial and economic decisions. Due the experience he has in financial markets, he has written numerous books regarding world markets situations that have proved helpful.


In 2014, he wrote a book titled The Tragedy of the European Union. In this book, he warns Europe and says that it could break up if its leaders are not careful. According to him, there is rampant xenophobia, and he says that it must stop because it amounts to discrimination and oppression. Soros has been against the oppression of refugees and minorities.


In a recent economic forum in Sri Lanka, Mr. Soros warned investors that the current market situation is similar to the global economic crisis of 2008. 2016, according to him, has not started on the right foot. There are fears that a crisis is underway and investors fear to invest for fear of massive losses that might drive them out of business.


Soros has advised investors not to worry but instead purchase high-quality business because prices are now falling. Due to his expertise and experience wise investors are keen on taking his advice during the crisis.


One of the reasons Soros sighted for the current market situation is China. China has devalued its currency to try and revive its slowing economy. Soros said that other countries in Asia might soon follow due to China’s influence in the region. If China became more of a consumer economy rather than being the producer it has been, the whole market is going to undergo a crisis again.


Soros is helping almost everyone including politicians. He recently donated 8 million dollars to the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. In 2004, Soros was involved in a similar campaign to oust President Bush, but he was not successful. However he did not lose hope, and he is back in politics again.


George Soros is a man who helps poor people, investors, as well as politicians he thinks, will continue to make the country great.

  1. Carlee Hugo

    With the experience that come with confidence, we see that George Soros makes his prediction but I don’t know if he’s always right. Primarily, makes a small contribution but it is very informative to many persons. To make the political campaign work, she lost and the money will not be remembered though they were not shutdown after saving the party.

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