Future Of The Economy Does Not Look Bright To George Soros

George Soros was born in 1935 in a war torn Europe. He grew up in Hungary, under the Nazi regime. When the war was finally over, the communists came in. Soros escaped this oppression by fleeing to London. He got to attend the London School of Economics and he then worked in London for a year. He was first a traveling salesman and resorts near seaports. He then started working for an investment firm, which he credits to the fact that the owner was Hungarian. Soros then decided to go to the United States. Soros worked for nearly 2 decades in a number of investment banking firms around New York City.

Because of his success in the financial world, many people listen closely to what George Soros says and watch closely at what George Soros does. In a recent article by Bloomberg, Soros’ recent comments about his concern for the future of the global economy were discussed. The article talked about how in the last year, nearly 2.5 trillion dollars was lost in value of global equities. And this problem is only getting worse, which can be seen through even more losses recently in China. These losses, in turn, halted trade for an entire day.

Soros warned that China is having a serious adjustment problem and the signs are starting to remind him of the crisis that occurred in the economy in 2008. Soros said that the economic issues in China were not the only thing pushing the global economy to another crash. He said that the debt accumulated by Greece is alone worse than the situation in 2008.

Soros also used various measures of volatility to show that the market is not going anywhere positive. The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index went up 43 percent, which means that investors do not have faith in the cost protection of Japanese Shares. In addition, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange Volatility Index increased by 13 percent and the expected price of Treasury bonds from Merrill Lynch has risen by almost 6 percent.

The concern that Soros has is validated by the fact that no matter what China does to help its economy, it is not working. The government pushed hundreds of billions of dollars out into the Chinese economy and the People’s Bank of China have cut interest rates to unseen lows. But no matter what they do, the manufacturing sector remains sluggish compared to its very successful history.

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    His main speciality was handling European investments. It was finally in 1973 that George Soros decided the time was right to start his own investment firm, Soros Fund management. The vital point is that may have one or two things that has bothered them all along which makes it easier for the other things to have an impact or two in all things.

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