George Soros backs candidate John Kasich with hefty campaign donation

As the political landscape heats up and the race for the republican nomination for president is narrowing, a startling story about Ohio Governor and candidate John Kasich has emerged. It was reported via The Political Insider that Kasich received a $588,375 campaign donation from notorious investor and philanthropist George Soros. This comes as a shock because of Soros’s record of supporting very far-left organizations and political ideologies.
A move like this certainly calls into question the motives of Mr. Soros and begs for and answer as to why he would support Kasich over candidates like Donald Trump who is viewed as much more of a moderate leaning republican. analysts are analyzing the social positions of the candidates still remaining, it becomes a bit more clear as to the possibilities of why Soros is supporting a Kasich candidacy.

George Soros has been quoted saying that he has a commitment to an open society and that he opposes more border security. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are notorious advocates for tighter border control and have made this idea a top running point so far in their efforts to gain voters from the conservative side of the party. This is one possibility as to why Mr. Soros has chosen to back Kasich who holds a much softer approach to the issues on immigration reform.

Another scenario as to why Soros could be backing Kasich is that he sees him as less of a threat to the eventual election of democrat and likely nominee Hillary Clinton. Forbes billionaire George Soros just recently donated to a pro-Clinton super PAC $8 million and has funded democratic candidates for years.

Whatever the reasoning behind these donations what is clear is that George Soros usually knows how to place his money in the right spots in order to accomplish his agenda. As we know Soros is a powerful market speculator and has made billions betting on sector movements. He once famously devalued the British Pound and profited $1 billion dollars in the process.

Whenever there are large changes about to occur in the world, it’s always an interesting phenomenon following the plot of Mr. George Soros and watching who and what he supports. It’s hard to believe that he doesn’t have certain hidden agendas when it comes to heavily supporting one political candidate over another.

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