Month: April 2016

Dogs Need Their Five A Day Too

Posted by in Trusted Dog Food

Most people on facebook think of dogs as carnivores. However according to, in order for your dog to eat a balanced, nutritious diet, it can be beneficial for you to feed it vegetables and sometimes even fruit. How can you feed your dog veggies and know they are safe? The easiest way is by…

George Soros’s Tips On Building A Strong Portfolio

Posted by in Economic Situation

The advice given out by George Soros, the head of a hedge firm that is now valued at $23 billion, can keep you out of dangerous investments and show you how to find the right venue that will make money over time. George Soros predicted the 2008 recession, just before the market began to take…

Fashion Drama And Fun From Doe Deere

Posted by in CEO Profiles, Cosmetics Industry

Fashion is one way that people all around the world choose to engage in personal self expression. People like to use fashion to let out their own inner sense of personality and show who they are to the rest of the world. This may take the form of rules that people adhere to as they…

Concerns Raised over Devco’s Inability to Pay $20 million CRDA Loan

Posted by in Real Estate Challenges

Brunswick Devco has triggered concerns over its inability to pay Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s loan of $20 million. It did not honor its payments for the loans (in principal and interest) way back in January. This loan had been sourced in 2005 to be used for the construction of the Heldrich which was a conference…

Martin Lustgarten Knows All About Investment Banking

Posted by in Bankers, Investors

Investment banking is a division of banking that focuses on raising capital for corporations, governments and individuals from private investors. Investment banks underwrite securities on behalf of the individuals or institutions seeking capital. The banks, then, issue out the securities once they have been approved. Additionally, investment banks aid trading of derivatives and seek markets…

Talk Fusion Taking The Industry By Storm

Posted by in Business Leaders

Talk Fusion has recently made headlines when they announced the launch of their first 30 day trial which allows its users to try out the Talk Fusion Suite of applications for free in a 30 day period. This was not possible prior to this launch and had customers skeptical about investing capital in order to…

Talk Fusion Creates Videos That Help People Chat

Posted by in business, CEO Profiles

Talk Fusion is the creation of Bob Reina, and it is a video chat and email service that sends out the videos that people make when they are on the platform. Sending videos is very hard because their files are so big, and Talk Fusion gets around all that just by sending the videos regardless…


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