Fashion Drama And Fun From Doe Deere

Fashion is one way that people all around the world choose to engage in personal self expression. People like to use fashion to let out their own inner sense of personality and show who they are to the rest of the world. This may take the form of rules that people adhere to as they discover what fashion really means to them. Rules can help people feel comfortable when deciding what to dress and what makeup to put on. However, as fashion guru Doe Deere points out, such rules can be confining and now allow people to express their own inner personality.

Her Own Fashion Rules

Deere talks about breaking free from such fashion constraints in a recent to Bustle Magazine. In the article, she talks about her own thoughts on so called fashion rules of all kinds and why they should be freely broken. She wants people to be comfortable in their own skin and happy with who they are. This is one of many reasons why she suggests that people consider discarding fashion rules such as avoiding socks with sandals or only dressing your age. She wants people to discard such rules in favor of ideas that really work better for their own personal fashion ideals.

Her Own Rule Breaking

Over the years, Deere has built up a huge fan following because she wants to break such rules. Many of her fans know they can turn to her for all kinds of amusing and wonderful fashion ideas. In turn, she has continued to demonstrate to them all kinds of new ideas about the use of fashion. She wants her fans to have just as much fun with fashion as she does. This is one of many reasons why she has started a new makeup company.

Fun Makeup

Lime Crime is  Doe Deere’s own personal makeup company. The company offers customers high quality products that they can have delivered to their home from her site. Each makeup item has been picked by her to deliver perfect color that can help any customer have makeup that is trendy but also unique and fun as well. Her makeup that she offers here is vetted by her personally. This helps her make sure that all the products Doe Deere offers here are ideal for the needs of her customers. She knows they look to her for help with the right kind of daily makeup.

  1. Lauryn Stefan

    She has a whole new definition of what fashion should be and following some laid down standards looks like imprisoning her self or her ideas. probably this would help in terms of information about the whole new concept that Doe brings to the picture. I think her competitors need to be on the look out because she looks like a bomb ready to detonate in the business world.

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