Dogs Need Their Five A Day Too

Most people on facebook think of dogs as carnivores. However according to, in order for your dog to eat a balanced, nutritious diet, it can be beneficial for you to feed it vegetables and sometimes even fruit. How can you feed your dog veggies and know they are safe? The easiest way is by using a trusted dog food brand that offers products containing meats with added vegetables.
Benful brand offers a range of nutritious, healthy dog foods that contain various meats and vegetables for a well balanced diet. They are also designed to be flavorful so that your dog will enjoy his food too. Some of their formulas do also contain fruits.

The Chopped Blends wet food varieties from Beneful contain a lot of vegetables, such as peas, carrots, parsley, sweet potatoes and spinach. Each of the Chopped Blend range also includes real meat, such as beef, chicken or turkey.

Another of the dog food product that contains a variety of veggies is the Incredibites range, designed for smaller dogs. These formulas are comprised of small, bite sized pieces of meat and veggies. Meats in this range include beef, chicken or salmon blended with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice.

The dry food range, such as their Originals blends, also includes recipes with vegetables. The salmon flavor from this range is complimented by sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots while the beef flavor includes spinach, peas and carrots.

A couple of their dog foods include both fruits and veggies. One with both is Beneful’s Healthy Weight formula, which offers a chicken flavored meal accented with apples, carrots and green beans. Another of their recipes with fruit and veggies is the high protein Playful Life recipe comprised of real beef and egg along side blueberries and spinach.

Beneful’s Healthy Smile treat range also offers an opportunity to sneak some green into your dog’s diet with real parsley. These treats are designed to aid in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

These are a few of the ways in which you can help your dog get its five a day too. Check out beneful:

  1. Gianna Cruz

    Feeding our dogs is very essential for them to grow healthy. This can be compared to any human too who does not eat well will not grow well. Amazingly, you do not need to spend much. With Beneful dog food, healthy is guaranteed to our pets and rushessay review. Another of the dog food product that contains a variety of veggies is the Incredibites range, designed for smaller dogs.

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