Month: May 2016

China sends medicine to Venezuela

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Venezuelans may be worried about the country‚Äôs economic woes more than health concerns, but the South American country is affected by the Zika virus. In a Linked In report, China shipped over 96 tons of Immunoglobulin to the country last week, according to the Chinese News Agency Xinhua. The Zika virus can be spread by…

George Soros Prediction in the Financial Markets

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George Soros founded and also chairs the Open Society. It is a network that has projects and partners in more than a hundred countries. His commitment to the open society makes the private philanthropy unique from any other. They have ensured that the rights of all are respected, accountability of the government, and also ensures…

AirBNB Tips from Wealth Solutions

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One of the best ways that people are able to earn passive income today is by renting out their homes through AirBNB and other short-term rental applications. For those that live in prime areas, it can be very easy to find renters, which can greatly cut down on the costs of living. While it can…

Michael Zomber Brings The World Of The Samurai To Life

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So many historical periods have the power to fascinate us. We all think about certain time frames such as Ancient Rome, the U.S. during the Salem Witch Trials or the court of France under the Sun King. One period that many people today still so extremely interesting is the world of the Samurai. The world…

Class Dojo Aims To Bring Together a Classroom Community

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In the 21st century, the issue of engaging parents and students in the classroom throughout the school years has become a major issue; however, a new app, Class Dojo, is now looking to make sure parents, teachers, and students are all able to come together using a downloadable piece of software that can be loaded…

Yeonmi Park; Freedom Activist

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Yeonmi Park, 22 years, author of the Amazon best selling novel “In order to live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. Park escaped to China with her mother when she was only 13 years from the oppressive regime in North Korea. Getting a decent meal in North Korea was tough since the living standards…


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