Class Dojo Aims To Bring Together a Classroom Community

In the 21st century, the issue of engaging parents and students in the classroom throughout the school years has become a major issue; however, a new app, Class Dojo, is now looking to make sure parents, teachers, and students are all able to come together using a downloadable piece of software that can be loaded onto any mobile device. Teachers in 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. are now using this communication platform to make sure they are in constant contact with parents in a bid to improve the confidence levels of students in their care.

Creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools at the heart of the lives of every family is an important part of achieving the highest levels of success for any student to enjoy. There are many options available through the Class Dojo app for making sure students and parents feel they are playing a full and active role in each others lives; for teachers, parents, students – connection, empowerment, and much more can be achieved through the ability to post images, video, and text to allow every student to achieve their own level of positive reinforcement as they go about creating community feeling with their parents and teachers.

Class Dojo is now used by more than 3.5 million users globally who can feel confident their child is getting the best possible education available, largely because their teacher is no longer spending a large amount of time involved in the basics of classroom management. In the modern world many hours of each school week are lost to the basics of classroom management, which can be eliminated with the use of Class Dojo and the ability to make announcements to parents using this easy to navigate app.

Interaction between students, teachers, and parents has never been easier than it is with Class Dojo, which allows every teacher the ability to focus on specific areas of the life of a student and work with them to produce well rounded individuals. Areas that can be focused on for ground-up change include creativity, persistence, and teamwork, which are all important areas for leading a successful life in the education environment and beyond.

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