Michael Zomber Brings The World Of The Samurai To Life

So many historical periods have the power to fascinate us. We all think about certain time frames such as Ancient Rome, the U.S. during the Salem Witch Trials or the court of France under the Sun King. One period that many people today still so extremely interesting is the world of the Samurai. The world of the Samurai is one that took place during Japan from roughly the twelfth century for about four hundred years. Someone who loves this period of time and admires the work that was during it is author and noted expert Michael Zomber. Zomber has spent many years of his helping to bring this time to vivid life via various mediums.

His Love Of Japan

Zomber has taken the time to learn about the world of the Samurai and their ways. He has spent a great deal of time investigating many aspects of this world. His specific focus in this region has been that of their use of armor and their creation of swords that have continued to amaze the world today. Zomber has made a serious study of the ways that warrior class of the time learned how to literally bend metal to their own aims and create swords and armor that are still held in tremendous regard today by people who appreciate fine arts and the use of intelligent and thoughtful crafts of all kinds. They know, just like Zomber does, that the craft in creating such swords and armor has rarely been duplicated since that time even today in the modern world. Historians, collectors and Japanese people today have come to admire this era when the world of the Samurai not only engaged in a code of honor that is widely respected but brought this code into everything they did or used.

His Own Field

In the last few years, Zomber has made this field his own. He has taken charge of his hobby and turned it into something that many people have found quite useful and ideal for their own personal needs. Many people have sought out his advice on the subject of Japanese armor and Japanese sword making during this time. The field of Japanese armor and sword creation during the Samurai time has become even more popular in the last few years as prices for Samurai swords have continued to increase once such items come on the market for purchase. Check out Michael’s books on Amazon.  Otherwise, to see him branch out, Zomber did a segment on pistols for the History Channel, called Tales of the Gun.

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    It is quite amazing to see that people are taking time to look at history that are seen with the benefits. Furthermore in people like to see how they are learned about the subject. The character of Michael Zomber is really a good example for many people to follow in making the right decisions.

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