Month: June 2016

Solo Capital’s Founder Sanjay Shah Is An Exceptional Businessman

Posted by in Business Leaders

Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited are the common names to reference Sanjay Shah’s company, Solo Capital. The company is focused on investments and financial services such as consulting, sports investments, and proprietary trading. Currently, the company is based in London with many business locations spread around the area. The company saw a great…

Martin Lustgarten and How to Choose the Right Investment Banker

Posted by in Finances, Investments

If you are looking for a reliable investment banker, it’s extremely important that you do a thorough research, and choose wisely. Some investment bankers sell businesses while others deal in commodities, securities and the daily activities of investments. Some investment bankers have great expertise in selling and others specialize in acquiring businesses. It is important…

Beneful Dog Food: The One and Only Choice for Dogs

Posted by in Trusted Dog Food

They deserve it after all, as they part of the family and always there for you when you need them, no matter what. Because of this, you have to be real selective and careful about what you give to them and how you feed them. The most popular choice of dog food, without question, is…

Securus Technologies Issued Four New Patents at the Beginning of this Year

Posted by in Tech News

The leading provider of inmate communication services and other technological solutions to the criminal and intelligence industry have been issued with four more patents to add to their existing tally of 238 patents. The company now control a total of 241 patents, thanks to the United State Patents Registration. Securus now has the largest patent…

FreedomPop Gives Users Even More Free Perks

Posted by in Mobile Phone Service

Most people that use FreedomPop are excited about the free WiFi that they are getting with this plan. It is even more exciting to now have access to WhatsApp – at least in Spain – even if you don’t have anymore data left for the month. FreedomPop is experimenting with this concept in Spain. This…


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