FreedomPop Gives Users Even More Free Perks

Most people that use FreedomPop are excited about the free WiFi that they are getting with this plan. It is even more exciting to now have access to WhatsApp – at least in Spain – even if you don’t have anymore data left for the month.

FreedomPop is experimenting with this concept in Spain. This is where the 3rd largest market exists for FreedomPop. This is the initial offering, but this is bound to become something that is available for customers in the United States as well. WhatsApp is very popular, and more than a billion people already have accounts. People are going to be thrilled to have access to this app regardless of how much data that they have left.

For many people, WhatsApp may be the only thing that they actually use during the day. Many people have access to the app so this makes it easy for people to stay in touch with friends without seeking any other app. This is just another great part of the service that has been provided by FreedomPop.

This is a company that is doing as much as possible to make sure that the free perks do not stop coming for customers. With the ability to use WhatsApp without data, it is going to be easier for people to consider dropping the carriers that they are with right now. The allure of unlimited data is what has a lot of people interested in the major carriers, but FreedomPop is trying to combat that with different strategies. This is the company that appealing to many people that are just tired of the unusually high phone bills.

The news about this unrestricted use of WhatsApp is bound to make the app even more popular. It will become the new go-to app.


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