Solo Capital’s Founder Sanjay Shah Is An Exceptional Businessman

Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited are the common names to reference Sanjay Shah’s company, Solo Capital. The company is focused on investments and financial services such as consulting, sports investments, and proprietary trading. Currently, the company is based in London with many business locations spread around the area. The company saw a great amount of success last year, achieving total assets worth nearly $70 million dollars.

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital and it is part of an even bigger company, Aesa S.a.r.l., which is in control of all Solo Group assets. Today, Sanjay is a wealthy businessman that owns dozens of businesses in different places around the world, such as The Cayman Island, London, Luxembourg, and New York. Before the startup of the company, Solo Capital, Shaygan had already achieved great success, and just this year saw a total net worth of $280 million dollars. Even though he is still the CEO and owns many companies, Shah considers himself largely retired from the financial industry.

An interesting fact about Shaygan is he originally did not start out in the industry of finance, but rather he started going to college to become a doctor. Before getting very far with it however, Shaygan new the career was not for him, so he changed course and became an accountant working at a variety of different banks and investment firms, such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. When the financial crisis hit, Shaygan was not on the good end of things, but this is where he decided to start up his company Solo Capital.

As a philanthropist, Shaygan also started up an organization known as Autism Rocks, which is dedicated to spreading awareness around autism and raising as much money as possible for research. A large factor that attributed to the created of Autism Rocks is because Shaygan’s son was diagnosed with autism himself at just 4 years old. Autism Rocks brings together musicians to perform and raise money in a positive way.

Shaygan’s company has around 50 employees currently, all with the experience necessary dealing with the competitive market conditions. Solo Capital provides a number of different services based on it’s financial division, such as asset management, safeguarding, investment management, lending, and advisement. The company has manged to achieve great success despite the high competitiveness of the industry, and continues forward as a leading finance and investment company.


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