The Right Thing Takes Guts, But May Help Restore The Country

The Great Recession began in 2008. Many in the midwest and “fringe” areas of America didn’t start to feel its effects until recently. This is how many recessions actually feel. It works like a stone being thrown in a pond. Immediately where the stone hits, there may be a splash, and there are definitely the largest ripples. This is also the area where things become calm most quickly. Meanwhile, ripples spread steadily outward. There are places where their oscillations become extreme, and places where the water is barely disturbed. But it is disturbed.

The 2008 financial crisis threw a huge boulder in a little pond, and the impact was so bad, some of the water will never be recovered. As it calms down, there are those who want to keep others from continuing to throw massive stones into our economic waters. One of those individuals protecting the country is Jordan A. Thomas, who formerly worked for the SEC. While there, he wrote legislation that would become a 2010 enactment by congress. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act incentivizes whistleblowing while simultaneously protecting employment. Whistleblowers who can stop financial ne’erdowells from throwing the stones of underhanded business into our economic pool will receive compensation in the amount of between ten and thirty percent of recovered monetary sanctions. Additional sanctions yield additional incentives, depending on their size and extensiveness. Furthermore, whistleblowers will face no recriminations from their place of employment based on the information they provide regarding underhanded, economically draining business practice.

The only thing legislation can’t maintain is the relationship two individuals naturally have between themselves. The only way to maintain this is through legal representation that allows anonymity. Lebaton Sucharow, led by the author of the Dodd-Frank legislation, Jordan A. Thomas, can help provide whistleblowers with this anonymity. The firm will also provide cost-free initial consultations replete with professional experts who know all the angles, and have intimate experience with both whistleblowers and the organizations they’re calling out. Learn more:

The 2008 financial crisis may have started to even out slightly, but it was a big boulder for the size America’s financial pond was at the time. The only way to fully recover is for everyone in America to come together and work toward ethical, above-the-board business dealings which don’t gut the country from a financial angle. Helping whistleblowers do the right thing is a big step that direction.

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