Philanthropic Efforts of Dick DeVos and Family

Dick DeVos comes from one of the most powerful, wealthy and philanthropic families in modern history. In the course of the past four decades, the DeVos family have donated more than $200 million to conservative charitable efforts. These generous donations make the DeVos family one of the most important benefactors of the modern conservative, right-wing movement.

Being a Michigan based entrepreneur, many of Dick DeVos’ philanthropic efforts benefit the state of Michigan and its citizens. Many Michigan university students have benefited from several scholarship funds that have been created due to DeVos’ generous efforts. One college in particular that has benefited from DeVos’ philanthropy is Northwood University based, in Midland, Michigan. In addition to donations to universities, DeVos has also made charitable contributions to organizations that promote free-market economic policies. Several of these organizations are Michigan based, including the Grand Rapids based Action Institute.

Another effort that DeVos has donated money to is environmental issues that currently plague Michigan. This is arguably DeVos most important philanthropic effort to date. DeVos, along with his wife, Betsy, contributed money to help fund an 18 month study of Lake Macatawa pollution sources. The study was extensive and costly to perform, as it used DNA fingerprinting technology to identify specific sources of E. coli found throughout the lake. An additional part of the study looked at sources of sediment and the contaminants that the sediment sources carried. Knowing how important clean drinking water is to public health, Dick DeVos no doubt will have a lasting positive impact on the current and future citizens of Michigan for his environmental philanthropic efforts.


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