Month: August 2016

Mike Baur- not just an ordinary businessman

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Mike Baur is more than just a typical businessman. He’s also the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory, and is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds. The company began its work in 2014 and the main goal for this company is to have a successful program that provides early stage startups which…

How Is Real Estate Shopping In New York Changed By TOWN Residential?

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TOWN Residential is one of the best places to shop for real estate in New York, and they have a lot of agents in the office who can help people when they are looking for a new place to live or work. The issue of shopping for real estate in New York changes every day…


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Though this happened about a year ago, we feel it’s worthwhile to bring up again. How many of you remember a guy by the name of Stephen Murray. He’s the head guy behind Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He might have even helped out some of you with your financial planning, if you lived in the…

White Shark Media using their Customer Complaints to understand the Industry better

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Despite receiving many compliments from our clients, we have had to address several complaints too. Subsequently, we established a platform that addresses customer complaints. In this release, we acknowledge the input of our customers and point out how we use it to improve our service delivery. Through the release, we would also like to assure…

The Impressive Life Story of George Soros

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To really appreciate the accomplishments of George Soros, we have to go all the way back to wear it started. Chances are pretty good that you have heard success stories about how many successful business owners started poor in environments that were not ideal and supportive of their eventual success. That being said, the story…

Why Are Construction Jobs The Beginning Of Development When Devco Is Involved?

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Construction jobs have long been seen as the catalyst for further growth around the United States, and Devco participates quite a lot in growth that begins with construction work. Construction workers are hired using loans provided through Devco’s good graces, and cities/counties in New Jersey are welcome to apply for loans at their leisure. This…


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