The Impressive Life Story of George Soros

To really appreciate the accomplishments of George Soros, we have to go all the way back to wear it started. Chances are pretty good that you have heard success stories about how many successful business owners started poor in environments that were not ideal and supportive of their eventual success. That being said, the story of George Soros begins where you would least likely suspect, and it set a course in motion that brings up here in the future to one of the more successful business owners in the country.

To understand how impressive a career George Soros, we go all the way back to his birth in 1930 in Budapest. These were not easy times by any means for a family raising a child in the 1030s, and things became significantly worse as he grew older. George Soros had to endure the rise of the Nazi occupation during the second World War. It was during these troubling times that Soros made the life-changing decision to flee communist dominated Hungary when he was only seventeen years old.

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Once young teenage George Soros left Hungary, he had his sights on England. Now able to focus on his academics, George Soros focused on his schooling and would eventually graduate from London’s School of Economics. Now that George Soros had the academic foundation that he needed to take on the world, he set his sights even bigger. It was at this point that Soros packed his bags once again, and made the jump over the pond to the United States.

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Once George Soros had arrived in the United States, he quickly settled into his new surroundings and began to implement his plan to dominate the business world. It didn’t take too long before he began amassing a huge fortune through a new international investment fund that he first founded and then managed at It appeared right from the start that his academic foundation was already paying off with huge dividends.

George Soros always has been considered to be a philanthropist. Looking back to 1979, he was instrumental in provided poor black students the funds that they needed to attend Cape Town University while suffering in apartheid South Africa on Today, the Open Society Foundations are operating globally in over 100 different countries, and in 2011 their annual expenditures skyrocketed to a whopping $835 million. These foundations help to promote the values of transparency, human rights, and open society.

Today you will find that George Soros has penned several books, including his best selling Tragedy of the European Union. His essays and articles on politics economics, and society, appear regularly in magazines and newspapers all around the world. He is also the chair and founder of Soros Fund Management.


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