White Shark Media using their Customer Complaints to understand the Industry better

Despite receiving many compliments from our clients, we have had to address several complaints too. Subsequently, we established a platform that addresses customer complaints.

In this release, we acknowledge the input of our customers and point out how we use it to improve our service delivery. Through the release, we would also like to assure potential customers of our continued commitment to delivering high quality services. Some of the issues raised and addressed include: Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

1. Customers losing touch with their AdWords campaigns
White Shark Media Complaints team realized that our reporting protocols did not allow small business owners to review their campaign performances. To address this issue, we established mechanisms that enable our clients to review the ins and outs of their campaigns. This called for better communication and support to clients.

2. Customers feeling that communication was inadequate
Communication provides real results to clients. In the beginning, many consumers felt that our communication was not good and that finding their contact person was difficult since they had to go through a receptionist.

To address the issue, we scheduled monthly status calls with GoTomeeting, an online conference tool. It enables us to share a screen with our clients showing the report on their Adword campaigns.

We also enabled our customers to call contact persons directly. After signing up, a customer receives her contact person’s necessary contact information.

This video explains more about WSM:


3. Old campaigns performing better than new optimized campaigns
Some clients found the new optimized campaigns falling short of their expected results. To sort out the issue, existing campaigns remain active until new ones are able to show preferred results. Additionally, we have placed experienced supervisors in charge of feedback and campaign management.

4. Customers proposed that we provide SEO services
Our company does not offer SEO services although we are competent in reviewing SEO companies. Our senior staff members review SEO proposals on behalf of our customers to ensure that they do not lose money to SEO vendors.

6. Customers feeling that their contact persons are not in tune with their needs
In such cases, our senior supervisors are there to support clients and monitor their campaigns.

7. Some customers do not know how to track their Adwords performance
An in-house process, which helps in conversation tracking and Google Analytics, was developed and introduced to our clients at no fee. Further, White Shark Media have partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking for every customer who signs up with us.


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