Though this happened about a year ago, we feel it’s worthwhile to bring up again. How many of you remember a guy by the name of Stephen Murray. He’s the head guy behind Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

He might have even helped out some of you with your financial planning, if you lived in the area. Well, he’s gone now. This story was initially picked up by the Wall Street Journal. After they picked up the story, other papers and online news outlets jumped on the news too.

Yes, it true. Stephen Murray is no longer with us. It all started about a month or so before his death. He had held the CEO chair for the company for the last 2 decades. It was his passion. It was his drive. Stephen Murray helped CCMP get where it’s at now. Well, about a month before his death he stepped down. It was due to his health. Stephen has been suffering from some undisclosed health issues. He decided to step down so he could get things under control and take better care of himself.

Who here knows about Greg Brenneman? He held the chair for the company. He took over for Stephen as he decided to step down. Stephen felt confident with Greg looking after things. He trusted him. Greg as very sad and heartbroken about his death. You can read some of what he had to say about it below.

“I/we are very saddened to hear about this. He was a great friend and partner in the company. He was also a great friend outside of this company. He was truly a very dear person. To say that I am say about his death is an understatement. Right now our/my thoughts are with his wife and his children. Outside of his work, his family was his pride and joy. He worked in Private Equity mostly. It brought his great pride and joy to help others out. He made some many positive contributions to this company and to us. He’s truly going to be missed by us all. We are still grieving.” Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen’s career began in the early 80’s. However, his most significant accomplishments began with CCMP Capital. It began for him in 1989. It continued well through 2006, when it became a firm that stood all on its own.

For more information about Stephen Murray and his many accomplishments, please visit his home page.

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