Mike Baur- not just an ordinary businessman

Mike Baur is more than just a typical businessman. He’s also the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory, and is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds. The company began its work in 2014 and the main goal for this company is to have a successful program that provides early stage startups which include services, financing, mentoring, office space, and access to a large entrepreneurial and investor network.

Mike Baur attended the University of Applied Sciences- banking and finance, in Bern around the year 2000., and after that, got his masters as an executive master of business administration, and also went to University of Rochester to get his masters of business administration.

His business path was quite interesting and dynamic. In 1999 he started to work for the UBS Fribourg in the wealth management department , but very soon after he started to work for Zurich company, in Wealth Management located in Switzerland, in the wealth management compartment. In 2002 he started to work for KeyClient Group in Switzerland, and stayed there for almost 6 years.

After that, his career became pretty interesting, and Mr. Baur started to work for many banks, like Sallfort Privatbank AG as head of the bank.

He even founded Swiss Start up Factory in Zurich, which is mainly based off an accelerator looking for thriving digital entrepreneurs. The company provides a variety of opportunities from the first day through their network not only in Switzerland but all over the world as well. Simply said, Mr. Baur supports young entrepreneurs specializing in digital technologies, which is a pretty good move in today’s technology.

In 2015 Mike Baur also founded Swiss Startup Association and speaks for all the entrepreneurs in order to achieve a better legal, tax and regulatory environment, as well as social and political awareness of the ecosystem in Switzerland.

From January 2016, he started to work for CTI Invest as deputy managing director where he, among many other things, leads the financial platform for Swiss high- tech start-ups.

The Future for Mike Baur surely smiles and it’s truly certain that he will not stop here. After all the hard work and commitment, he surely deserves it. His way of innovation along with a friendly approach full of understanding for other entrepreneurs ‘needs gives him back everything that he fought for. It shouldn’t stop, because this man is more than a businessman. He is a businessman with great feelings for business, and more important, for people.

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