Natural, Flavorful, Affordable Lip Balms: Evolution of Smooth

The lips have some of the thinnest skin on the face, and need to be treated more delicately than the rest of the skin on the body and face. While face creams are suitable for the skin on the face, a heavier and more emollient balm is needed for the lips to seal in the necessary moisture to keep them soft. The ingredients in Evolution of Smooth lip balms is sure to work double duty to keep the lips soft, nourished and moisturized.
Evolution of Smooth or EOS products not only contain soothing and healthy ingredients for the lips, but most of the ingredients come from nature and are even organic. Some of nature’s most nourishing ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, and Vitamin E all help to smooth, soothe, and lock in essential water. Organic ingredients help to add nourishment, flavor, and richness without the use of pesticides or chemicals on the growing whole ingredient.

Flavor and color of the lip balms are also added from natural sources. The cherry or mint flavored lip gloss is not going to taste like an artificial or plastic version of the real thing because the flavors come from natural extracts of the real plant or fruit. There is a flavor to suit every taste and style. Lovers of coconut can find their flavor in the Coconut flavored gloss, while a more intricate taste for a blend of flavors may find their favorite in a vanilla and mint swirl.

EOS balms are so good for the skin, so pretty, and so affordable that one need not choose just one balm. There are a wide variety of flavors that can go with the seasons, and even shimmery and tinted glosses that are perfect for a dressier look. EOS lip balm products are found on Walmart, Amazon, Ulta and many other retail outlets.

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