Keith Mann Philanthropy Efforts

Keith Mann Makes a Difference in the Lives of Others in North America

Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners are making a difference in the lives of students, NY police officers and Canadian families. Mr. Keith Mann and his wife are very much involved in philanthropic causes to promote education, the moral of police officers, and rescue efforts. In the beginning of January 2016, the Mann Family announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Awards program to acknowledge high school students excelling in academic studies. The scholarship fund partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York City and recognizes a graduating senior each year attending one of the participating schools. One student was awarded a $5,000 scholarship in March of this year at a Brooklyn Uncommon Charter High School.


The controversial issues concerning the New York Police Department in 2015 is a concern to Mr. Mann. He showed the police officers appreciation for their hard works of protecting citizens by providing lunch to the 54th Street Precinct in January and February 2015. He said in a PR Newswire press release on February 17th, 2015 that NYPD deserves to be recognized for their dedicated service to the community. Violence against officers has spread nationally and continues to affect the lives of families in 2016. Mann believes citizens should offer support to help them and avoid causing stumbling blocks to stop their efforts.


The wildfire in Canada that resulted in families being forced out of their homes in Fort McMurry received attention from Keith Mann. He is a licensed pilot in Canada and manages flight operations for Suncor Energy. Mann offered his time and expertise to help rescue approximately 6,000 people to safety in Calgary and Edmonton. Most of those people had to leave their pets behind. Keith has compassion for animals and did something against the rules of rescue missions. He was left with no other alternative but to load as many animals as possible aboard the plane, which are against the guidelines. It proves Keith Mann is devoted to philanthropic efforts to help animals, people less fortunate, and those in need of relief from casthrophies.

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