Securus Technologies Responds to Issues Surrounding Patents

Securus Technologies has been serving the correctional institution industry for many decades. The company has helped law enforcement, administrators, prisoners, and their family members alike. Recently, Securus Technologies choose to act as a watchdog for the industry. Addressing a matter related to a press release produced by the company Global Tel Link is one way Securus Technologies chooses to do this. Watch this video on Youtube.


In a report issued by Securus Technologies, the company makes corrections to six allegations put forth in the GTL press release. The corrections focus on rebuttals about a suit in Texas federal court focusing on a decision by the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board. GTL and Securus Technologies are the two parties to the federal suit.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has also questioned the logic behind Global Tel Link’s approach to litigation. The approach was referred to as a “scorched earth policy”. Securus Technologies is positioning itself as a company that is serious about defending itself in any litigation.


Securus has maintained a strong presence in the industry and has developed many excellent products. Video visitation apps are among the most impressive. As with any other company, Securus has to deal with other important issues such as litigation as evidenced by the recent press release.

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