FreedomPop Has The Unlimited Cell Phone Services That Everyone Loves

It can be challenging to find a cell phone company that has everything a person needs, especially if the person needs unlimited services on the smartphone that they use. Since the majority of people use smartphones these days, it’s likely that they’re going to want every service on their smartphone work, including data, text messages, and phone calls. There are many unlimited cell phone services that can be provided by different carriers, but not all carriers have the same price or the same exact services. One carrier may allow a cell phone user unlimited text messages and phone calls, but data is very limited.

FreedomPop has known for a long time that people want unlimited services that extend to their data, so they’ve added several different unlimited plans to their roster in order to please everyone, which is information found in a FreedomPop review. Those who only need one gigabyte of 4G LTE data can purchase the regular cell phone plan that’s unlimited for only $20 per month. Those who feel the need for additional 4G LTE data can pay accordingly and add 4G LTE data to their plan. With every gigabyte of 4G LTE data that’s added, it’s an additional five dollars for the plan, which is a great deal.

The difference between FreedomPop and other carriers out there is that other carriers may charge a fortune to provide unlimited data. Many cell phone plans are averaging $50 per month for their unlimited plan, and their 4G LTE data may only be one gigabyte and then slow down to 2G speeds after the 4G LTE data has been depleted. With FreedomPop, 3G speeds are consistent after the 4G LTE data is finished, which is much better in comparison to the companies that think 2G data is fast enough for the smartphones of today.

With 3G data that’s unlimited, the GPS can be used regularly, apps can be downloaded, games can be played, and one can surf the net as they please. Those that truly want unlimited data service for their cell phone should join FreedomPop, especially if they want to pay less for the same services that other carriers are charging more for. Along with having unlimited cell phone service, it’s possible for a customer to choose international calling plans as well, which is great for those who need to make phone calls to other countries without it costing them an arm and a leg.

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