Month: November 2016

Learn The Secrets To Biblical Wealth

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  Jim Hunt believes that individuals most take a realist approach to their finances in order to be successful. In fact, as a successful financial analyst he believes that he can help individuals invest their money and learn the secrets to wealth through his VTA Publications course. This course offers tuition assistance for the clients…

Nationwide Title Clearing and Providing Services

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The experts at Nationwide Title Clearing have been able to provide exceptional services to all of the people who need help with document processing and title research. The company has worked hard to build up a strong client base and this has paid off for them because they have many clients who are truly satisfied….

Cleaning Startup Handy Finds Climbing Profitability Mountain Steep!

Posted by in Cleaning Service Experts

The founders of the new on demand cleaning startup dubbed Handy have found climbing the mountain from no profit to profitability to be a daunting but not impossible challenge. For many new startups such as this one, some pressure is relieved off such steep expectations by investors and shareholders is by raising VC capital and…

Shared Office Spaces: Going Above And Beyond

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  Along with the traditional workplace, there has been what is known as the bare minimum culture. A lot of people have adopted the mentality that they are going to do the bare minimum of what they need to do in order to get by. This is often the result of putting up with a…

Nexbank Continues Its Growth With Bank Purchase

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The Dallas, Texas based Nexbank has been growing in importance across the U.S. for a number of years since President and CEO John Holt took personal control of the bank in 2011. The latest move by Nexbank will see the bank enter the arena of college savings with the purchase of a specialist institution based…

Billy McFarland Has Good Ideas That Work

Posted by in New York City

At the young age of 13, Billy McFarland started his first business, a small company that placed prospective customers with a design company. According to Bloomberg, as a college freshman in Pennsylvania at Bucknell University, he started Spling, a company that is still in business and where McFarland is still the CEO. Spling transforms the…

The U.S Money Reserve Wins Awards at the 20th Annual Videographer Creative Works Awards

Posted by in US Money Reserve

The United States Money Reserve has earned recognition for receiving four awards at the 2016 Videographer Awards. They won these awards because of their production and creative works. The United States Money Reserve, most notably, was the winner of the two Excellence awards in the categories of Creativity (TV)/Cinematography and TV/ Commercial Production the Testimonial…

It’s an A+ for Securus Technologies

Posted by in Inmate Communication App

Securus Technologies recently announced that it has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and was given an A+ rating. The company, which was founded in 1986, is currently a market leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, monitoring, and corrections. Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice…

Research to Find the Best Event Planner

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One of the largest cities in the world is New York City. With a city that large, there is no shortage of services available to the residents who live there. This is also true for event planners in NYC. There is a large selection of planners to choose from. One of the best event planning…

Help from George Soros for the Ukraine

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The Ukraine is in quite a crisis. The country as a whole is having financial issues and this is something that could be eliminated with the help of debt relief that could come from different areas. The country would benefit greatly from debt relief and George Soros knows the plan that will help the country…


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