Research to Find the Best Event Planner

One of the largest cities in the world is New York City. With a city that large, there is no shortage of services available to the residents who live there. This is also true for event planners in NYC. There is a large selection of planners to choose from. One of the best event planning companies in the city is Twenty Three Layers.

Twenty Three Layers has been in business for almost ten years. Jessica Boskoff is the owner of the company and has many years of experience behind her. She has amazing attention to detail and brings that to each event that her company plans. Her specialty is making sure each event is unique and exactly what the client wants.

When looking for an event planning company in NYC, there are a few things that need to be considered. First of all, decide what type of event you want to hold and have an idea of how you want the event to be. Having at least a few ideas will help you get on the same page as your event planner.

Next, do your research on who are the best event planners for your needs. Ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. Use the internet to see the reviews on different companies. Check out different pictures of the work each event planner does. Using these resources will help direct you in the right direction to which company may be the best for you to work with.

Set up interviews with at least three different event planners. Do a face to face meeting to get a good feel for the event planner to see if your personalities would mesh well. Lay out your ideas and see what the planner brings to the table. Choose to work with the one who understands your vision the best and you get a good feeling about.

Working with an event planner does not have to be a complicated process. Put in the work to find the best one and you will ensure you get the best result.

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