Billy McFarland Has Good Ideas That Work

At the young age of 13, Billy McFarland started his first business, a small company that placed prospective customers with a design company.

According to Bloomberg, as a college freshman in Pennsylvania at Bucknell University, he started Spling, a company that is still in business and where McFarland is still the CEO. Spling transforms the text URL of a company into a graphic mosaic pattern that can be better used in marketing. The company has Discovery and Universal as clients among others.

In 2013, McFarland started a company called Magnises, which has been a home run with millennials as the focal point. Magnises is a platform that allows young professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers to come together in an environment where they can obtain discounts and perks.

Restaurants, clubs, bars, special events, excursions, and concerts are among the uses Magnises members enjoy. The secret to the success of the venture is The Black Card which transfers the data from the member’s regular cards. The Black Card is the entry portal to all of the discounts and perks and has become somewhat of a status symbol.

Operating in New York City and Washington DC currently, there are expansion plans in the wind. Target metro areas of Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angles and London are the current objectives, and the growth is helped by a healthy deposit of $3 million of venture capital.

Memberships are currently enough to fund all the company is doing, and it is time to explore other areas where millennials will want the perks of Magnises as much as they currently do in New York City and Washington DC.

Other events such as the recent invitation to some 40 members to meet the execs of Tesla at a local track so the members could test drive some of the new prototypes. Availability of meeting venues is also available to members if they want space for company and individual meetings and events.

Millennials love to hang out together so they can “talk shop” and share ideas. The Magnises concept gives them that opportunity in places where they are congregating anyway. Perks like a complimentary bottle of wine at dinner or special seating at an event simply sweetens the event.

Don’t you just wonder what Billy McFarland will come up with next?

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