Shared Office Spaces: Going Above And Beyond


Along with the traditional workplace, there has been what is known as the bare minimum culture. A lot of people have adopted the mentality that they are going to do the bare minimum of what they need to do in order to get by. This is often the result of putting up with a job that they don’t like and dealing with an environment that makes it hard on them to focus. A lot of antics that go on in the traditional workplace take away a lot of the initiative that people would’ve had in a more laid back and straight forward workplace.


There is an alternative. This is the shared office space. It is filled with people who actually enjoy what they are doing. Since they are focused on their own work, then people are more likely to go beyond their goals. In other words, while the traditional workplace brings forth the bare minimum mentality, the coworking spaces in New York bring forth the above and beyond mentality. Many people understand that in order to actually make progress, one must be willing and able to go above and beyond what they consider to be the bare minimum. This is why they have to make sure that they are doing the type of work that they want.

One of NYC’s most famous shared office spaces is Workville. With Workville, there is a lot of flexibility and productivity. The energy is very positive which influences people to go for their goals in a way that takes them beyond their dreams. There is a lot less negativity from people because they actually enjoy what they are doing. Workville also has a great environment for work. People that have visited Workville have found that the are more likely to experience success because of the environment of the NYC coworking space.

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