Month: December 2016

Sam Tabars Creates a Better World

Posted by in Hong Kong, Merill Lynch

Only seventeen point five percent of people get into Oxford University in England. Sam Tabar was among that percentage in 1997. Since then he has gone on to Law school at Columbia University and has helped people with their Hedge funds. Here is a little more information about a man who is driven to change…

EOS Lip Balm and the Rise of A Smoother Revolution

Posted by in Lip Care

The early 2000s were dominated by the cylindrical, roll-up tubes of lip balm known as Chapstick. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be too much longer before pastel-shaped orbs, portable spheres spanning every flavor of the fruit bowl, would practically go viral. These little candy-colored bulbs would be known simply as “EOS”, an acronym for the founding company’s…

Mullen Lowe Publishes Analysis On The Media Revolution Taking Place

Posted by in Advertising Agency

Jose Borghi is a publicist who has manages advertising campaigns for Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi brings a wealth of experience to the company and serves as the CEO at the ad agency. He is considered to be one of the top advertisers in Brazil and has won numerous accolades for his commercials…

Exciting Marketing Innovation Coming From Gooee IoT

Posted by in IoT Lighting, Smart Lights

In the Internet of Things, everything is becoming more connected. This is great for retail and customers and consumers seem to be ready for the change. Already consumers are using applications on their smart phones and smart watches that allow them to shop smarter. Shopping list apps that can be generated before going to the…

How To Manage A Successful Online Reputation Management Campaign

Posted by in Reputation Management Tactics

If you are convinced the online reputation of your business stops at review sites like Google Business, then you need to rethink your plan because there is more to online marketing that relying on one source. Many sites offer information about businesses and the information posted either reflects success or some problems that many customers…

Wessex Institute of Technology

Posted by in Education, Institute

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an education and research institution located in New Forest National Park in the south of England, a national park filled with beautiful wildlife and picturesque villages. WIT’s mission is to change the way information is transferred between professionals and students within an industry. The Wessex Institute of Technology was…


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