Exciting Marketing Innovation Coming From Gooee IoT

In the Internet of Things, everything is becoming more connected. This is great for retail and customers and consumers seem to be ready for the change. Already consumers are using applications on their smart phones and smart watches that allow them to shop smarter. Shopping list apps that can be generated before going to the store, rebate apps that allow consumers to get money back by scanning a barcode, and apps that give them 20% off of products simply by scanning their discounted barcode list at the register.


Now, imagine a world where that shopping list can be ticked off as the consumer reaches in and pulls a product off the shelf and puts it into their cart. An app that will send them a real time coupon for ibuprofen as they are standing in the pain relief aisle wondering which product to buy. This more direct way of marketing will encourage shopping by helping consumers to make decisions in real time, cutting down on the amount of time they spend shopping and hopefully encouraging product purchases by sending coupons that make shopping more attractive to customers.


This can all be and will be accomplished in the near future using Gooee IoT lighting. Light sockets that are WiFi and Bluetooth connected, able to detect customers in the aisles and send their devices relevant marketing information in real time. These Gooee smart lights can be expected to appear in more modern retail spaces sometime in the near future, let’s get excited!

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