False Statements From GTL About Securus Technologies

Securus Technology has issued an article that depict the statements that GTL has said as false. They want the public to know this, because a litigation case can take many years to complete. In the mean time, they are inviting people to see their headquarters. It is located in Texas, and when they attend, they will receive a presentation that will allow them to see how important the technologies are that the company creates.


The company has a collection of public safety solutions that they have created with their technology. When people attend the presentation, they will be able to see what the latest things the company is working on, and how important they are to the public. They feel deeply about this situation, and that is why they created the article, and are also inviting people to see first hand what they do.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety field. They work with over a million prisoners on a regular basis. They utilized incident reports, investigations, videos and a lot more to ensure the safety of all people. The government works with them on a regular basis because they are involved in both the criminal and civil aspects of solutions. They see the world as a safer place, and they are constantly creating new technology on a weekly basis to ensure that it will. In the future, they will continue to be a leader in their field, and their dedicated staff will take on every mission that is given to them, and complete it to the highest of standards. They are company that is concerned with the welfare of others, and they will be able to do a lot for the country and the world.



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