ClassDojo is Bringing Positive Reforms in the Education Sector

ClassDojo has concluded yet another round of funding for its innovative app that promotes parent-teacher meetings. The company raised $21 million that will be used in incorporating more features into the app. By communicating on a daily basis throughout the entire year, the parents are acquainted of the behavior of their children and, hence, incidences that are discussed during annual parent-teacher meeting do not surprise them.

ClassDojo’s co-founders said that the funds generated during the recently closed round of venture funding would help the firm to expand its workforce and to finance development of new content and features. The goal of the two executives is to transform the way parents and teachers use the tech app. When they started ClassDojo in 2011, the founders realized that other tech firms were creating grade books, digital syllabus, and testing platforms. They discovered that the educational sector needed an app that would build an interactive community between trainers, learners, and their parents.

ClassDojo competes with other edtech firms, including FreshGrade, Kickboard, and Nearpod. However, the application has continued to register a tremendous increase in the number of users. Educators in over 85,000 private, public, and charter schools use ClassDojo to empower students and communicate with parents. Additionally, many teachers are using the app to teach students from Kindergarten all the way to 8th-grade classes. Currently, the edtech company is on a mission of distributing its app across the globe. The founders are planning earn revenue by creating premium features that parents can use after paying for them.

An Overview on ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a state-of-the-art platform that facilitates communication among educators, students, as well as parents. The app assists educators in encouraging the development of positive behavior among students. It also improves the standards of education via instantaneous teacher-to-student advice. The teachers communicate with both students and their parents through mobile devices. The app monitors behaviors like hard work, teamwork, innovativeness, persistence, and curiosity. The firm behind the edtech app is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary launched a beta version of ClassDojo in July 2011. The app garnered one million users comprised of teachers and students after a full version of the application debuted in August 2011. The co-founders offer primary features of ClassDojo at a zero cost to educators. Their mission is to help educators in all types of learning institutions to use the app to create a better learning environment.

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