Winged Eyeliner and Coral Lips by Wengie

Wengie puts together a makeup tutorial for her new makeup look. She starts by filling in her brows with a pencil and cleans up her brows with a concealer and makeup brush. Next, she applies an eyeshadow base and skin-tone powder to her lids to help her makeup adhere to her lids. A transition shade is applied to the crease of her eye socket with a blending brush, and uses a windshield wiper motion to apply. Next Wengie applies a darker brown to define her crease with a small pointed brush, which she states helps to define the eye socket and crease.

She then blends with her blending brush to avoid harsh lines. Next, a highlighter color is applied to her eyelid and underneath her brow bone. Once again, blend blend blend! Wengie applies a gold color to the corner of her eyes and a dark brown color to her lower lash line. A gel liner and angled brush is used to create the wing, as she notes it is easier than using a pen. She draws her angle straight up from her lower lash line, then joins it to her upper lash line by drawing a line straight across to the middle of her top lashes. She finishes up with concealer for cleanup on the winged eyeliner, false lashes, bronzer to contour her nose, forehead, and cheeks, and an orange-y coral lip color. The look is lovely and perfect for everyday or a party night. Wengie finishes by offering words of encouragement for those of us who may have some problems executing a winged eyeliner look!


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