Month: February 2017

The Success Pegged On Securus Technologies as a Communication Player

Posted by in Inmate Communication App

Digital migration has seen the development and expansion on the telecommunication around the world. Many communication companies have been established and have improved privacy of communication among people. As such, United States of America has witnessed influx of communication providing companies that have been in the recent years. The companies are competing to provide the…

Who Is Betsy DeVos?

Posted by in Education

Betsy DeVos has been in the public service for decades and is widely known as a passionate education advocate. A resident of Michigan State, she has strongly advocated for education reforms and made significant contributions towards the cause. She is one of the few wealthy citizens to use her wealth to fund education reforms. She…

How to Maintain Your Hair Using Shampoo

Posted by in Hair Moisturizers

It is the dream of most women to have long and healthy hair. However, to realize this dream, it is vital to know how to take proper care of your hair. You should use quality products to maintain the softness and texture of hair as well as prevent its breakage. Correct usage of shampoos and…

Kim Dao Visits Shibuya

Posted by in Youtube Star

In October 2016 YouTube Star Kim Dao visited the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan so that she could show her viewers her favorite spots around there. The first place she visits is the always busy Shibuya Station, in particular the Shibuya crosswalk just outside of the Hachiko exit as well as the Hachiko Statue which…

A Partnership that Resulted in a $1 billion Bank

Posted by in Bankers

In 2012, the BMG Bank was looking for a partner. However, all the offers they got were proposing to buy the banks operational activities hence having full control of the bank. They were on the verge of accepting one of these offers when Roberto Setubal, the CEO of Itau Unibaco called Marcio Alaor, the vice…


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