Kim Dao Visits Shibuya

In October 2016 YouTube Star Kim Dao visited the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan so that she could show her viewers her favorite spots around there. The first place she visits is the always busy Shibuya Station, in particular the Shibuya crosswalk just outside of the Hachiko exit as well as the Hachiko Statue which is a dog. She stayed in that area for a little while filming the large crowds before moving on.

Kim Dao loves to shop so she lets us see some of her favorite stores in Shibuya. The first on her list in It’s Demo which is a women’s fashion accessories shop. She also enjoys shopping at Forever 21, Zora, and Bershka. For sushi she recommends Genki Sushi Co., Ltd. because of how much fun it is and how inexpensive it is. Another shop she says you need to go to in Japan is Daiso which is a dollar store.

Doing karaoke is one of Kim Dao’s favorite things to do in Japan. She also says she loves are the game centers which feature games you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Kim Dao also loves the makeup selection in drugstores in Japan as the selection is amazing and of high quality.

Kim Dao also shows us inside of a convenience store, which is incredibly different from how they are in other countries. The food selection is amazing and offers an array of noodle dishes, snacks, and other foods.

Kim Dao really enjoyed showing us around Shibuya and all of her favorite places to visit.

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