Building Leisure, Roberto Santiago, And The Manaira Mall

These are times of change, of adapting to a New Digital Age, of being in continuous busy and having less and less time to involve in leisure activities unless it is a need. Roberto Santiago knows that, and when he started with the Manaira Shopping Center, he knew that he wanted to make shopping not just a need, but a true experience. And yes, new developments can be very good; but to undertake being an architect of dreams and new practices has some nuance that should not be overlooked.

Perhaps the main thing to be able to undertake successfully is to be aware is getting out of the comfort zone live new challenges and evolve withy the needs of society. Fear is often our worst ally, and yet prudence is more than advisable.

As architects of shopping malls, it is dangerous to want to continue being “architects of today” in which the concept remains the same, and only the stores or brands change. If people like to shop or visit malls regularly most will have the impression that many of them have been established important restoration firms or have created gourmet food spaces. All this is not mere impressions, the fact is that People like Roberto Santiago decided to integrate the shopping centers in his expansion strategy, as well as for shopping centers, this trend allows them to offer new experiences to its visitors.

What’s Yet To Come

His shopping mall and his innovative concept have undergone crisis and severe conditions in the Brazilian market, but they have overcome it with flying colors. They have focused on 3D cinemas, VIP experiences, and stadium-like structures and overall, a magnificent design that calls shoppers and mere visitors alike. Along with 11 movie showrooms, bowling alleys and ballrooms, there is nothing in the mall that can’t be found. The most renowned brands worldwide make their way through the mall. On top of it all, there is the hospitality experience that has been one of a kind since the mall started. With security and staff available at all times, the Manaira Mall in Joao Pessoa is a happening place for everyone in the community. Roberto Santiago expects to keep impacting the Brazilian society with new developments and strategically placed structures all over the country, with a promise of modern and impacting buildings that will leave shoppers wanting more.

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