Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries Into The Future And Beyond:

Tony Petrello is the CEO, Chairman of the Board and President of the highly eminent Nabors Industries, Ltd., oil and gas production and offshore and well drilling service.

Tony Petrello possesses a sharp focus as to the future of the oil and gas industrial international giant. His aim is to take Nabors Industries into the future with the greatest of resources, and equipment inventory: an inventory that is vastly superior in the way of technological advances.

One example is: Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s co-partnering with another vary eminent organization within the industry. In order to achieve the greatest financial success and associative value for the stakeholder, Tony Petrello’s leadership assures strategies are implemented in way of financial and servicing success. The following strategy provides proof of Tony Petrello’s on-going loyalty, in delivering shareholder value: as it applies to Nabors Industries, Ltd.:

Tony Petrello recently combined forces with Weatherford International plc (NYSE: WFT) in way of a non-binding Memo of Understanding: in formation of an alliance. The alliance places its focus on delivering drilling solutions, as it applies to the gas and oil market, in the lower forty-eight states—located in the U.S. The MOU, which is the acronym for: Memorandum of Understanding, clearly states that, Weatherford will provide directional drilling; drilling hardware and software applications—to the union.

Nabors, as to its part, provides its fleet of intuitive rigs. It also supplies its drilling software applications, automatic rig equipment and proprietary control processes.

The two companies, hope to achieve, by leveraging their combined forces of technological expertise and unsurpassed engineering efficiencies: an acceleration of a full range of advanced technological solutions. The preceding and extra-ordinary clever strategy is quite pertinent, in achieving a great deal of cost-effectiveness and high-end efficiencies. This is just another way that CEO: Tony Petrello, demonstrates, each and every day, his thoughtfulness and vision in attaining the greatest stakeholder value—for the company.

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