ClassDojo Comes To Thousands Of Schools And Raises $30 Million

ClassDojo has been making classroom activities both more fun and more educational. On the surface this app doesn’t appear to have much to it, but like several other apps having a simple user interface has perhaps been why it’s become the phenomena it has. Teachers can share student activities through photos and messages posted to student stories which is similar to Facebook’s profile walls. Parents love being able to see what their children have been doing during class and many of them are finding their children become more open about their learning abilities. But parents can constantly communicate with teachers about how their children are progressing and many schools no longer need parent-teacher meetings as a result.

Sam Chaudhary and his friend Liam Don started this app in 2010. They wanted to build an app that wasn’t as much driven by money as it was changing people’s lives. Education was a field they felt had little attention and could do better if given a little help. They started asking various teachers what they would like to see in a classroom social media app, and after combining those ideas with their own entrepreneurship they launched ClassDojo. The App was originally just a point reward system for teachers, but as they saw how interactive they could be they started adding more features to the platform.  Source:

One very exciting part of ClassDojo has been its student growth videos. These videos have little animated characters who have problems learning certain subjects, but after changing how they learn them they’re able to get homework and tests completed much easier. The videos have helped young students stretch and grow their learning abilities. More videos are expected to be released as part of ClassDojo’s new freemium content package plan.

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ClassDojo has been spreading from school to school simply through teachers telling others about it. The app can be found on the Apple app store or Google Play and doesn’t need administrators to approve its download. ClassDojo has been saving on marketing costs thanks to their word-of-mouth marketing method. So far Chaudhary and Don have received $30 million in capital funding for the app and most of that money has gone into security and privacy. While the freemium content will be part of their plan to give investors returns, there has been no pressure to hurry on that. They’ve maintained a commitment to listening to user ideas and staying true to their original vision.

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