It’s Move Day For Kim Dao

Kim Dao is in the process of moving apartments. From her apartment outside of Tokyo, she is moving to a more convenient location in the middle of Tokyo. In this video she shares that having her friends offer to help her has been a heart warming experience. She had been planning to move at the end of the week, but Kim Dao adds that she has to be in Denmark due to her grandmother’s funeral and must get moved before she leaves. She just has a little more packing to do after her morning shower.

Kim Dao goes on to tell her fans that she had to go buy clothes to wear in Denmark because she had sent hers back to Australia. She says that while her videos make it seem that she shops a lot, she is rather good at saving money. She takes a few moments to show the clothes. She also shared the other things she had bought, some as gifts and others for herself. Wanting to catch up on blogging Kim Dao tells her plans to post daily for the next few weeks. Due to work her posts are actually a month behind. Her long plane ride will provide her with some much needed time to edit video. Kim Dao hints that some excitement may be ahead.

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