Keeping Your Dog at a Healthy Weight with Beneful

One of the most important aspects of a dog’s life is its weight. With Beneful Healthy Weight, you can keep your dog at the weight that is best for its overall health. Beneful Healthy Weight is wonderful for lowering your dog’s weight if they are currently overweight and increasing and keeping their weight consistent if their weight is satisfactory. Most national stores (Walmart, Petsmart) have this product, but it is also available online and therefore may be an online only choice for some store chains. Beneful Healthy Weight comes in chicken flavor as it is made with real chicken. This product does not come in wet dog food form but does come in dry food form.

Although Beneful Healthy Weight is great for most dogs, it is not a product meant for puppies. This dry dog food is for adult dogs only. Senior dogs may eat this dog food as well seeing that they would still be classified under adult dog food. Beneful Healthy Weight will make your dog lose weight but not constantly. This product is designed to get your dog to its ideal weight and not to continually cause the dog to lose weight.

The Beneful Healthy Weight dog food comes in chicken only and so the lowest calorie option available is also the only option available. The calories per bowl for this dog food is 310 kcal per cup and 3177 kcal per bag. If your dog is underweight, this product will not cause your dog to gain extra weight. You would be better off providing your dog with an alternative Beneful dog food option (Beneful Originals would be a great choice). In fact, Beneful Healthy Weight has 10 percent fewer calories than Beneful Originals with Real Beef. Now you’ve been informed on this low-calorie alternative so treat your dog!

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